Day12&13 ---> Becoming Younger

Thursday April 2nd
The scene: Today I had to Make-A-Deal between my body and my taste buds.

Here's what happened:
Upon Rising: 32oz water; alkalizing pH drops
AM: 1/2 C tangerine juice
Breakfast: ---
Lunch: brazil nuts w/ dulse leaf; 1 C kelp salad: 1/2 C kelp noodles, 1/2 carrot shredded, 1/4 avocado, 4 botija olives, hemp tahini dressing
Dinner: 1 x gerosteiner sparkling water; 1 x cheesy kale chip; 1 x contrast cookie; 1 x onion bread

What was Walker about today?
  • Lots of water upon rising.
  • Juice in the morning - OOooooo! Tangerine juice is fantastic - tangy and sweet.

What did I discover today?
My flax cracker, salt and coconut oil craze has been mimicking POTATO CHIPS! I totally didn't recognize it. What a couch-potato trigger food for me! No wonder I haven't wanted to eat anything else. Up until now, these raw crafted "potato chips" have been overdone and eaten as the majority of my meals.
Time to Make-a-Deal. This is a concept I learned from studying relationships. Basically, in this scenario, the deal is between my body and my taste buds/emotions (usually one in the same in regards to eating). The GOAL is to come up with an agreement that leaves them BOTH grinning. Right now, the body is suffering and the taste buds/emotional eating are running the show.
My Deal proposition: 3 x 5 inch flax cracker w/ coconut oil and salt - only to be eaten with a meal that includes a good amount of salad greens or green food.
I'll know the deal is successful if I don't feel the stress of denying myself, AND I'm not having to suffer the effects of overeating "potato chips".

Friday April 3rd
The scene: Food hangover from last night's meal really made me take a look at my rather out of control warehouse goodie consumption. I've caught the Fast Food Flu! I was gassy for hours and slept until noon.

Upon Rising: 32oz water; alkalizing pH drops
AM: ---
Breakfast: 24 oz veggie juice: fennel, carrot, romaine, cilantro, ginger, beet
Lunch: 1 1/2 C kelp salad: 1/2 C kelp noodles, 1/4 carrot shredded, 1/4 avocado, 2 T sauerkraut; 1 T shredded kale; 4 botija olives, hemp tahini dressing
Dinner: 3/4 C raw cookie dough I made
Snack: 8 oz veggie juice

What was Walker about today?
  • Juicing! YES --- I'm so proud I did it. "Be not afraid of going slowly. Be afraid of standing still." Japenese Proverb
  • Norman Walker LOVES Variety! Lunch had that for sure. He says 7-9 ingredients in a salad are optimal to get the body the nutrients it needs, and helps ensure that satisfied feeling after finishing.
  • The replacement theory is at work tonight: Warehouse Goodies are gone and Cookies are the first step in transitioning. "Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow." Plato
What did I discover today?
Our culture has often been referred to as a Microwave Society. We are used to having things immediately by turning the key in the ignition, flipping on the TV, clicking a mouse, picking clothes off the rack, opening a bag of cookies, sitting down at a restaurant, or hearing the "ding" of a 5 minute microwaveable dinner.
Modern life revolves at a quick pace and we have become dependent on needing things immediately ----> Why? Because with all we need to do in a microwave day, we don't have enough time!
Everything must keep up with the pace of the day, otherwise we might fall out of step and go into panic that we'll be left behind.
The past few days I have been eating packaged raw foods now and then.
Opening a ready-go-raw meal from the package was slowly eroding my desire to take the time and juice or make a salad. I would look in the fridge and immediately plunge into a kind of dark resistance. Then the hunt for the 'quickies' began. I had caught "The Fast Food Flu". Now that I'm aware, I'm excited to cut back and start to regain my balance.

I suppose the dance is "To be in the world but not of it."
To me, a balanced day could look like:
1. 50% Activities at Nature's Pace - a hike, a bubble bath, meditation, sitting down and eating in the sunshine, relaxedly hanging out with loved ones (boob-tube free), daydreaming, painting, singing, horseback riding, petting my dog, journaling, gardening, making food, etc.
2. 50% Activities at Modern Human's Pace - emails, driving, movie/tv, blogging, talking on the phone, texting, websurfing, etc.

*A Mother Theresa inspired note*
In our Journey as Raw Enthusiasts, we don't have to be ANTI-Anything.
We can exist as PRO-Earth, PRO-Vitality, PRO-Sustainable and Natural, PRO-all life everywhere...


  1. Your a wise women and stronger that you even know. Lov reading your inspiring blogs

  2. My heart took a deep breath at your generosity...many thanks.