Day 10&11 ----> Becoming Younger

Tuesday March 31st
The scene: Cacao breakdown! What you resists persists, eh?

Here's what happened:
AM: Did I even drink water? I don't recall. NOPE - glass still full.
Breakfast: 16 oz Grapefruit Juice
Lunch: flax cracker, black salt, coconut oil; 1/2 C cauliflower chili. 2nd course: cacao dip with dates and almond butter
Dinner: 1 C green salad; 2 T tahini hemp dressing; 1/4 avocado; 4 peruvian olives; 1/2 large tomato

What was Walker about today?
  • Jeeze...not much. Dinner was small and dense, but too much fat.
  • Great bowel movement, I must say. Walker says that especially after an enema, the bowels work more efficiently. I am living proof of the Facts of that there statement! Be aware, it may take a day or two to fill up to the point of evacuation again - that's normal.
What did I discover today?
The Laws of the Universe seem to work mathematically.
Do you remember equations from math class: X+Y = Z ?
A few days ago I discovered that: Me + Cacao = Being Off-Balance.
I remember taking history in school and asking my teacher,
"What is the point of focusing on the past?"
He said, "We can learn from the past to have an even better future."
Well Mr. Nottier, I think my cravings are officially getting an "F" in applying historical data!
Because what do I want most since my cacao discovery? Cacao!
I've found that the Universe is a place of Justice and thus, Cause = Effect.
In this case, Stimulant In = Junkie Craving Gonna Get'cha.
But what of the theory that, What you resist, persists?
Many an attempted "quitter" has clung to this theory and once again given in to their substance abuse.
My best answer in the moment is to:
A) Avoid the foods that trigger my drooling crazed "addict". The Power of Replacement would likely come in handy, as well. Find a yummy substitute and keep it handy!
B) Apply my spiritual practice to help build more inner strength.

To quote Rebecca Carlson, Publisher of the Raw magazine Purely Delicious: "{Being raw} is an inside out lifestyle change".
Hopefully, next time, when the stress of life tempts me toward "a punch in the gut to take away the pain in my head", I can say "nah, not right now".

Wednesday April 1st
The scene: Went downtown with my lovely friend and stopped at the beach to have a bit of lunch. Watched an old English mystery movie.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: ---
Breakfast: 3 x tangerines
Lunch: handful of brazil nuts with dulse leaf; 1/2 apple; flax cracker w/ 2 T avocado
Movie Snacks: lemon fig bars; cheesy kale chips; 1 x white chocolate bar
Dinner: 1/3 package kelp noodles; 1/4 carrot shredded; 1/2 tomato; 1/4 avocado; dill tahini hemp dressing

What was Walker about today?
Water 1st thing in the morning. My sweetheart Joshua puts water by my bedside every night. All I have to do in the morning is sit up and drink. If it wasn't strategically placed, I would get out of bed and start to do a million things and never get to my water. Success usually comes from consistently setting ourselves up to win. In my case, I had to enlist the support of someone who loves me. Joshua is more than willing to do the little things, especially when they make the big differences!

What did I discover today?
  • Today I went off the reservation. I basically pretended the Movie Snack didn't happen and had my usual 3 meals, in addition. This was FUN! Good to have a rebel day now and then, eh? Reminds me of childhood when my mama would stuff her huge Mary Poppins purse full of healthy treats for a group of us kids, and we'd go off to enjoy the show, without having to rot our teeth or pay the outrageous snack bar prices!
  • My teeth sensitivity is high right now, which happens when I eat too much fat and/or fermenting combinations. I'll try and keep it simple the next few days and stay away from The Raw World warehouse goodies!

Day 8&9 ---> Becoming Younger

Sunday March 29th
The scene: Day 8 is definitely craving day - eeek! It's been long enough with a new regime that now my body is going into deeper detox. Usually Day 3 and Day 8 are toughies.

Upon Rising:
1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes; 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops Breakfast: 2 tangerines; 1 date; 1 mini cherimoya
2 sm. zucchini spiralized; 1/4 C marinara sauce; 1/2 piece flax onion bread
Snack: small apple, skinned
1 C broccoli w/ 2 T tahini hemp dressing; flax cracker w/ black salt and coconut oil; 1 small date
PM: small apple, skinned

What was Walker about today?
  • To be honest, I did an enema tonight. Walker suggests colon cleansing whenever one is feeling unexplainable hunger, headaches, insomnia, constipation, pretty much any sign of detox that is annoying or uncomfortable. "Better out than in!"
  • Had 2 snacks today because the pull of my cravings was so strong. I kept them small, though. I skin the apples to give the body less work to do. I get enough fiber.

What did I discover today?
  • I'm eating too much salt I think. My lips are feeling chapped. I've been on a flax cracker/salt/coco oil kick lately.
Monday March 30th
The scene: It's workday at the warehouse --- lots of raw food options. Forgot to set alarm clock.

Here's what happened:
AM: 32 oz water w/ pH drops
Breakfast: 3/4 container of lemon fig bars
Lunch: 1 bag cheesy kale chips; 1 contrast vanilla cookie
Dinner: flax cracker w/ black salt and coconut oil; 1/2 C tomato bisque; 1/4 bag pesto kale chips

What was Walker about today?
  • Small meals
  • No snacks

What did I discover today?
  • Oh my goddess gas-y! Not a great food day for me. I knew going into the work day with no fresh food and a warehouse of "raw junk" that I would be in trouble.
  • Why do we repeatedly do things that work against us? My theory is that we always, without exception, do the best we can in the moment - we make the best choice within our reach. But because of stress, ignorance, and unforeseen whatevers, we are not always able to make the choice we know would be IDEAL.
  • I am not excusing it, yet I am not punishing myself either. "Little value comes out of the belief that people will respond progressively better by treating them progressively worse." Writer, Eric Harvey
  • After all, "A man's errors are his portals of discovery." Irish Novelist, James Joyce

Since we are experiencing a quote frenzy, I won't be the party pooper who stops it! The day after I started Walking Walker and writing this blog, I was emailed the quote below. I took it as confirmation and encouragement to keep going. Next year, I won't have to read this quote and wish-i-woulda.

"A year from now you will wish you had started today." Community Activist, Karen Lamb

Day 6&7 ----> Becoming Younger

Friday March 27th
The scene: went to bed super duper late - woke up late as a result. HUNGRY!

Upon Rising - 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes; 32 oz water with alkalizing pH drops
- 16 oz fresh squeezed OJ
Breakfast -
flax cracker with coconut oil and black salt; 3 x small dates w/ almond butter
Lunch - 4 T almond red pepper hummus; flax cracker; 2 baby carrots; 1/2 C Kombucha;
Dinner - 3 T almond red pepper hummus; flax cracker; 1/2 C broccoli dipped in 1 T tahini dressing
PM - 1 C Kombucha; 24 oz water with alkalizing pH drops

What was Walker today?
  • Small dense meals
  • No snacks
  • I stopped eating when I got a bit nauseated - Walker generally recommends only eating when you feel good - not over top of stress or discomfort in your belly.
What did I discover today?
  • Sleeping was such a bother! I had a totally restless night. Why? CHOCOLATE! Angela Stokes revealed in her blog about a Blood Test done before and after ingesting Cacao. The photos SHOW the damage done to the cells in the body - how is it possible that people are touting the benefits of this stuff?
  • Waking up late makes me ravenous! I went straight for the FAT and was nauseous for a few hours. In the past, I was triggered to eat more to try and take away the feeling --- kinda like the saying, "If you have a pain in the head, get rid of it by having someone hit you in the stomach." Silly right? Plan B, Walker style, was to just endure and wait for it to pass. Better plan, much better plan.
  • I'd really like to start making Walker Salads from his book. Farmer's Market is tomorrow. I'll start gathering some of the ingredients.
Saturday March 28th
Scene: this morning I attended a garden party with my sweetheart Joshua. Not the tea and cookies variety, but the diggin' in the earth kinda of garden party. Night time festivities included a Raw Food Potluck and Game Night - hosted by yours truly.

Upon Rising -
1 tsp therapeutic enzymes; 32 oz water with alkalizing pH drops
- no OJ this morning - ran out of liquid sunshine fruits
Breakfast -
1 x fugi apple; 3 x small dates w/ almond butter
Lunch - flax cracker with coconut oil and black salt; 1 C salad with arame seaweed, mixed greens, 1 T red pepper, 1/3 tomato; Tahini Dressing: tahini, nama shoyu, garlic, apple cider vinegar
Dinner - potluck menagerie - overate a bit
PM - 24 oz water with alkalizing pH drops

What was Walker about today?
  • Small meals - except dinner
  • No snacks

What did I discover today?
  • No concentrated greens and No OJ make Michelle an unhappy camper. By concentrated greens I mean veggie juice and/or green food. Whenever I eat a salad, I don't really feel the green nourishment, I feel the fiber. Although, with blended green salads/soups I do feel the green goodness seeping in.
  • I've gotten more used to small meals - an extra large dinner came as a shock to my system. I stopped way earlier than I would have before starting to Walk the Walker Way. The body adjusts so quickly. Kind of like playdough, eh?

Day 4 & 5 ----> Becoming Younger

Went with a friend to the hospital today. Becoming Younger is about never having to be HERE. It's about Aging Agelessly. It's about having a quality of Life that you want to stick around for -- It's about knowing how much you Need your Body to feel good in order for your Life to be good. I've had to admit that my Relationship with every single thing I hold dear, is majorly affected by how I feel in my body.

Wednesday March 25th
Today was a day on the road - left early, was ill-prepared.
Here's what happened:

Upon Rising - 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes; 32 oz water with alkalizing pH drops
AM - 16 oz fresh squeezed OJ
Breakfast - 3 tangerines
Lunch - 24 oz veggie juice; handful brazil nuts; 6 Peruvian Olives
Dinner - flax cracker with coconut oil and black salt; 1 C salad: green leaf, tomato, green onion, 1/4 avocado; dressing: tahini, olive oil, botilla olive water, 1 clove garlic w/ skin (for vitamin C I think - some nutrient that is otherwise lost by taking off the skin - good blenders pulverize it fine); 1 x contrast vanilla/cacao cookie
PM - 16 oz water with alkalizing pH drops

What was Walker about today?
  • Meals were small in size
  • Waited until the previous meal was digested to intake anything else -- overlapping meals is a definite Choice to Age rather than Become Younger.

What did I discover today?
  • The things that throw me off the wagon don't taste better than a Walker meal...they are just more handy usually.
  • OJ is my favorite way to start the morning! **Liquid sunshine**
  • Lunch was an awful experience! I was ill for a few hours. If ingesting more than 6 oz of liquid (in this case veggie juice), it must be drunk BEFORE any fat - allow to digest 15-30 minutes.
  • A meal of just fat doesn't work! Lunch was wholly unsatisfying. I craved more, and all I had available was olives - YUCK more fat! Walker suggests a small amount of nuts with 8 oz veggie juice as a snack. Nuts seem to combine satisfyingly well with leaf dulse (oooo! I love this combination), or a bit of dried fruit, or fruit 1st - wait 30 minutes - then nuts.
  • Drinking water at night completely abolishes my cravings.

Thursday March 26th
Upon Rising - 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes; 32 oz water with alkalizing pH drops
AM - 16 oz fresh squeezed OJ
Breakfast - 1/8th pint of blueberries; 1 apple
Lunch - flax cracker with coconut oil and black salt; 1 C salad: green leaf, tomato, green onion, 1/4 avocado; 1 1/2 T dressing: tahini, olive oil, botilla olive water, 1 clove garlic w/ skin; 2 x small dates with 1/2 tsp almond butter
Dinner - 1 x bag of cheesy kale chip; 1/2 bag of chocolate covered brazil nuts and mulberries; 1/2 cucumber
PM - 24 oz water with alkalizing pH drops

What was Walker about today?
  • Meal of only fruit for breakfast is Walker style --- However, my soon following hunger told me I could have eaten a larger quantity. Walker recommends 1-2 lbs of fruit. I had maybe 1/2 pound.
  • Lunch --- was small and dense, and involved sweet (the dates at the end). Walker meals usually involve all the food tastes so one is left very satisfied on all levels.
  • Dinner --- adjusting to this new regime, my cravings were pretty intense tonight and I went for the raw "junk food". I kept it dense and fairly small, so that was good.

What did I discover today?
  • Some raw chocolate gives me a headache almost immediately --- although I like that the nuts in this mix are soaked, I was affected poorly by the chocolate.
  • Needing less sleep! Before starting this blog just a few days ago, I was needing about 10-11 hours of sleep to feel rested. Now I am getting about 7-8 and feel wonderful when I wake up. A winning combination of eating less, not overlapping meals, and not eating late at night. My sweetheart Joshua said to me this morning after I rolled out of bed, "Wow! You look great!"
  • Weight loss - yes it's beginning to fall away
  • Yesterday was a tough day for me emotionally, singing at the bedside of my friend for nearly 2 hours. Coming home, all I wanted to do was eat LOTS! Not having that fall back, I had to actually sit with my emotions. Not the worst thing in the world :)

You know you've eaten a Walker Meal when you:
Have energy after eating and are absent of cravings.
You are not overly full, yet feel satisfied.

Day 2 & 3 ----> Becoming Younger

Monday March 23rd
The Scene:
Monday morning - hit the snooze twice - didn't make any food for the work day.
At the office I have lots of packaged raw food options.

Here's what happened:
Upon Rising - 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes; 32 oz water
AM - 16 oz fresh squeezed OJ
Breakfast - Lemon Fig Pecan Bars (Fig Newton) ; 30 chlorella nuts
Lunch - 1 x bag cheesy kale chips & 1 x contrast vanilla cookie
Snack - 16 oz OJ & 30 chlorella nuts (waited 1 hour)
Dinner - mixed greens w/ tomato, cauliflower, and pesto dressing; flax cracker & last lemon fig pecan bar from breakfast.

*1 day a week I work at The Raw Food World. So many of the links I provide are for you to have access to the products I sometimes eat, if you so choose.

What was Walker about today?

: Dr. Walker always wrote about the importance of enzymes. I believe that if he had lived to know about quality Enzymes supplementation, he would have condoned it. Dr. Fred Bisci (in photo) does, and he is my 2nd main source of raw wisdom.
OJ: Walker suggests a glass of OJ in the morning for bones and connective tissue. I'm not sure if he meant 8 oz or typical glass size. I choose the later - yummmmm! If you get dizzy or feel funny - perhaps entertain the idea of a smaller glass.
Breakfast: was a small meal, which is Walker. He suggests a handful of nuts with a handful of dried fruit, and veggie juice, which in my case was the chlorella nuts.
Lunch: I focused on a small dense portion. I felt energized and full for hours on this meal.
Snack: Norman often suggests veggie juice as a snack. Not feeling motivated to juice, I had the next best thing I could think of. OJ with a heap of green stuff.
Dinner: The salad was small. A bit too much fat compared to his recipes, but I felt great!

What did I discover today?
  • The Lemon Fig Bar for lunch left me feeling spaced out - like a fermented food combination - perhaps it wasn't small enough.
  • OJ is only workable for me on a totally empty tummy. Even though it was 3 hours since lunch, I don't think I was completely digested yet. Gave me a bit of discomfort.

Tuesday March 24th

Upon Rising - 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes; 32 oz water
AM - 16 oz fresh squeezed OJ
Breakfast - 1 x Cherimoya (see photo)
Lunch - 1 C of salad: marinated cauliflower, tomato, green onion; dressing: brewers yeast, nama shoyu, olive oil, apple cider vinegar; flax cracker w/ coconut oil and black salt
Snack -none
Dinner -1 C salad: greens, tomato, 1/5th avocado, 1/4 carrot, 2 T sauerkraut, 1 T white onion; a little dressing; flax cracker with coconut oil and black salt; 1 x contrast vanilla cookie.
PM - 1 pint veggie juice: carrot; fennel; apple; romaine; celery

What was Walker about today?
Breakfast: mono meal of just one kind of fruit
Lunch and Dinner: the portions were small and dense
PM: veggie juice, of course - the way to get the most amount of quality nourishment to the body for regeneration (aka - "becoming younger") - Norman Walker usually recommends no less than 1 pint (16 oz) per day.

What did I discover today?
  • Chives and green onions are good, but the white and purple onions give me gas.
  • The apple really did NOT work (yuck) in the juice - not sure what it mashed with, perhaps the fennel.

Day 1 ----> Becoming Younger

Joshua is my sweetheart. He is the reason this blog exists.
Thank you baby - you are my Hero

Joshua does whatever he can to ensure that I am the Happiest Woman I can be. To that end, we have identified some huge leaks in my boat, so to speak.

There is no doubt that the two main sources of energy SUCKage in my life are:
1. my Eating and
2. my TV/Movie consumption.

This blog is designed to address SUCKage #1: FOOD INTAKE

I have been Raw over 5 years now.
You might think that being 100% raw is the Ultimate goal -- mountaintop reached.
Yet, that has not been my experience. While I'm out of the red flag zone for being 6 feet under, I have yet to experience, what I would call, lasting vitality and health on my 100% raw food diet.

Just as there are myriads of menus for a SAD diet, vegetarian, vegan, etc. - there are also many food choices available as a raw foodist - rarely is one person's diet exactly the same as another.

The only times I feel really great are when following Dr. Norman Walker's food plan, as outlined in his book "Diet and Salad". But so far, I haven't been able keep it up - I fall of the wagon with rawkies (cookies), kale chips, nuts, whatever.

It is my intention to have this blog serve as a tool of accountability for my daily foods and to press on for the sake of those I may be inspiring. I also dedicate this blog to my future children (3-5 years from now) -- may I be the best mama I can be for you!

So Walking the Walker begins

Sunday March 22nd
Upon rising - 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes; 32 oz water
AM - 16 oz OJ
Breakfast - 1/2 pint blueberries; 2 strawberries
Lunch - pesto with zucchini pasta
Dinner - 3 tangerines; 30 minutes later a handful of mac nuts
PM - handful of chlorella tablets (in lieu of veggie juice)