Day 13&14 ----> Becoming Younger

Saturday April 4th
The scene: Traveling day with a singing Madrigali concert...full costume and all, dontcha know? On my feet all day being a traveling caroler at a Renaissance Faire!

Upon Rising: 32 oz water, alkalizing pH drops; 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes
Breakfast: 2 small apples w/ flax dip
Lunch: 1 avocado w/ black salt; 30 chlorella tablets
Dinner: Unbelievable Raw Chili from Alive in 5 chefing book
Late Snack: more Chili

What was Walker about today?
  • Did a colonic at night to stop the cravings. It was a good one and I woke up feeling better than I had in days! Ah - the power of the poop...never underestimate it.
What did I discover today?
  • I exerted a lot of energy today and my meals were hours and hours apart. It was not okay and left me having a craving attack.
  • I had gone into detox because lunch was scarce and I waited too long for dinner. It was a big day and I could have had an easier time if I had been more prepared w/ a travel salad and dinner option.

Sunday April 5th
The scene: Traveled to LA (woke up before the sun rose) and staffed a PAX workshop called Men & Sex. I don't need to tell you I had a good time :0)

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes
Breakfast: 3 small apple w/ flax dip
Lunch: handful mac nuts w/ dulse leaf; 3 T purple mulberries; 30 chlorella nuts
PM: Dinner at Leaf Cuisine - 1 x taco and 1 x bowl of gaspacho soup w/ baby greens side salad

What was Walker about today?
Breakfast and Lunch were both small concentrated meals that included many tastes, which left me satisfied.

What did I discover today?
Yesterday I waited way past my hunger point for dinner because I was out and ill prepared - no food available - except whole turkey legs and foot long pieces of flesh --- Renaissance Style (yikes!)
The chili I finally ate last night was late, like 8pm...Then I did a colonic.
It seems that when I wait past my hunger point - I start to detox, and in my body, that resembles a lot of blood gases. Combine that with a colon cleansing, which detoxes even more....EXPLOSION!
For reasons I don't completely understand, that equaled a lot of painfully trapped gas in my digestive system. I was cramping all day!
If I was at home I would have done another enema...and another and another and another, combined with probiotics, until the pain subsided.

The moral of the story is:
When one is Raw, it's good to come prepared!
For me, only discomfort seems to result when I don't heed these words of wisdom.

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