Day 20&21 ----> Becoming Younger

Sunday April 12th
The scene: Local Farmer's Market today! The closest I get right now to fresh out of the ground. These farmer's are passing on their off-spring to my belly...what a service...what a lineage...what a weird thing to say about produce! (grin) Also this is my 2nd run at the sexy dance yoga DVD. 15 minutes, and I was sore and sexy for two days - seems like a lot of bang for my buck. Huh --- I just realized what I said there, but yes it's true: Sore muscles make me feel sexy - like I can feel the curves of my body or something.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water; alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ
Breakfast: 1 oz (called a shot) of wheatgrass juice
Lunch: 1/2 C guacamole w/ 1 carrot; 1 x onion bread; 1 x small chunk of flax cracker; 1 tomato; handful of freeze-dried rambutan (look like fried pork-rinds my parents used to eat when they were on the Adkins Diet. I am so glad they got off that beast of a ride!)
Snack: 4 brazil nuts; dulse leaf; 1 x apple
: 1 1/2 C Nutty Broccoli Soup pg 45 from Raw Foods For Busy People; hunk of flax cracker

What was Walker about today?
  • Water first thing in the morning
  • OJ - gotta have my liquid sunshine!
  • Wheatgrass - extracting and drinking the juice of veggies, especially greens, is healing and rejuvenative (a.k.a. make us younger). Most of our daily need for nutrition can be had without taking a single bite.

What did I discover today?
  • I am proud of myself! Today I went to The Raw World warehouse to pick up a wooden pallet (for a compost bin I'm constructing) and a cleanse for a girlfriend. I left there with very few raw packaged goodies, which is a huge improvement from my usual grabby-ness. From my studies, it seems a great way to achieve desired change is to track it...keep a record of it. For me, it's this blog, and I'm pleased with the results thus far. "Change starts when someone sees the next step." Judge, William Drayton
  • WATER before eating would have made such a difference today. A few days ago I discovered I was tired, not hungry. Today I realized that I was thirsty, not hungry. Did you know that the body's signals for water and food are the same? Many times when we feel hungry, it is our body asking for H20...the wet stuff!

Monday April 13th
The scene: It is Monday - work day at The Raw World. Always an adventure...

Upon Rising: 32 oz H20; 32 oz water; alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ
Breakfast: ---
Lunch: 1 small tomato; 5 brazil nuts; leaf dulse; 3 T guacamole; small wedge of flax cracker
Dinner: 2 x cheesy kale chips; 3/4 fig lemon bar; 1 x contrast cookie

What was Walker about today?
  • Water
  • OJ
  • Lunch was small and dense, but that was because I ate while feeling I could barely fit any food inside my tight belly.

What did I discover today?
#1 : What I do before BED matters! Tracking what I do during the day has led me to another ah-ha! Yesterday I did a lot of relaxing and enjoyable things. But before bed I went on a cyber hunt for everything thing I could find out about 'podcasting', so I can have short audio clips here on Becoming Younger. Result: I was anxious, and buzzing right before bed. It took me 2 hours to get to sleep and then I dreamt about drooling monkeys, and podcasting audio clips reaching life on Mars. Tonight I'll opt for meditation music, a walk in the moonlight, or perhaps a nice bubble bath.

#2: I worked most of the day from home today to avoid going to the warehouse and binging on my trigger foods. Especially in a potentially stressful environment, I'm learning I either need to A. Have an abundance of yummy raw food prepared (accepting the probability that I may binge at some point) or B. I need to NOT be around food! Since I had no time to prepare food this morning, I chose B.

Throughout my years of job hopping, I used to be a server at restaurants. It was will-power torture and I repeatedly reached the heaviest points of my life. When I was 20, working at a mom and pop's bistro, I was sitting outside on break and someone walked by and asked "When is the baby due?" My belly had quite a pooch, I suppose. About 3 years ago I accepted my food tendencies enough that I quit being a server altogether. It was like being an alcoholic working in a bar every night. I'm a super yummy goddess, and I'm also a human in the midst of her perfect progress.

#3: After work today I made a B-Line for the warehouse and ended up binging anyway. When we try to stop the river, sometimes the dam can break. This habit will need some gentler moves to change its flow. It could have been a worse day, and I know this was progress.

Why am I telling you all this intimate stuff? 2 reasons.
1. This is one said so perfectly by my hunny, Joshua. He said, "As far as I can tell, the best cure for addiction is honesty."
2. This second reason is closer to my heart and stays with me as I type each word. I write to you this honestly because Life can be hard. And the most saving moments in my entire existence have been via authentic human connection with another. A true meeting of hearts in a world where so often we can feel separate and alone. I will never claim to be a model of perfection - I'm here in the RAW on this human journey for whatever blessing it can bring to us all. Why not? Today, I live - today was a good day! It is my honor to share with you, my family.


  1. My Dearest Baby Love,

    I've just just read through your "Becoming Younger" blog for the 1st time and I don't know what else to say except that I am so proud of you.

    Your honesty moves me deeply, your sense of humor and playful spirit make me want to LIVE forever together and the way you give the gift of yourself to the world makes me believe that there is hope for our kids to have the best future possible.

    I am humbled and inspired and in love with you...far more fully than ever before.

    Thanks for being the best girl in the history of the Universe.

    With All of Who I Am,
    Your Man

  2. Hi Michelle! Have you looked into the possibility that your food issues are being caused by Candida? Have a lovely day!

  3. I appreciate your care and candor - thanks!
    It could be refreshing to believe my eating binges are caused by external malleable conditions...however, after doing numerous cleanses, juice feasts, colonics, and fasts....I have pretty much gotten the message that it's in "inside job"...meaning more emotionally rooted. But for those of you reading - she has a GREAT point! Candida causes much havoc and being free of candida can mean FREEDOM on many levels.