Day 15&16 ----> Becoming Younger

Monday April 6th
The scene: It's my warehouse work day at The Raw Food World. After a rather heavy emotional evening and morning with my personal life, I had absolutely NO willpower whatsoever today! Just eating away my paycheck I am on these Mondays.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes
1 x cheesy kale chip; 1/4 package of lemon fig bars
Lunch: 1 x cheesy kale chip; 2 x contrast cookies
1 x ranchier kale chip; 1 x onion bread; 2 C tomato bisque soup from Ani Phyo's chefing book

What was Walker about today?

What did I discover today?
I am still an emotional eater. Dangit!
Looking to make lemonade of this big honkin' ripe lemon bush, I found this quote
"You must have long-term goals to keep you from being
frustrated by short-term failures."

Major General, Charles C. Noble

Not bad, eh? This blog is a homage to that very saying.
I am keeping my eye on my goal: Walker Designed eating.
It does help me not go into depression or feel incapable after a day like today.
May all our lemony days make for sweeter tomorrows!

Tuesday April 7th
The scene: Kevin and Annmarie Gianni, along with Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes landed here for a potluck last night at my home. I cleaned a good part of the day, always therapeutic for me, and my cravings were refreshingly low.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes
Breakfast: ---
Lunch: 2 C tomato bisque soup from Ani Phyo's chefing book; 1 cheesy kale chip; 2 T purple mulberries
Dinner: Potlucky luck! 1 plate of numminess.

What was Walker about today?
  • Water of course - first thing in the morning. He says that after detoxing all night, it's great to flush the kidneys with lots of H2O in the morning.
  • I've been trying to add a tiny bit of sweet to my meals, as Walker did. Getting many varying tastes in a meal leaves me satisfied longer.
  • Eating with friends and fun! Dr.Walker recommended that we never eat when under emotional duress, and encouraged meals be a time of family and open-heartedness. He implied that the body could actually become allergic to foods we eat when we are under stress.

What did I discover today?
Did you know that if an additional 10% of Americans became Vegetarian, it would free up enough farm land that we could feed all starving people in the world? 30 million choices could end world hunger. Facts like this make me feel so frickin' powerful! I'm not just a drop in the bucket, and neither are you.


  1. Greetings Michelle!
    First I would like to commend you on what seems to be a small thing but what was exactly what I needed to read (and others too as well). Right now I have a major cold/fever/cleansing reaction and I don't feel good. I was getting pretty down on myself, but reading your blog has really put things in perspective. I have made progress in my own journey and even though this is a slip up that I am paying dearly for its ok I will survive and learn as well. Thanks for sharing your journey! You brightened my day!
    PS I saw you on Renegade Health Show!

  2. Oh also I hope you don't mind I posted some of the quotes you have on my facebook page! : )

  3. That's giddy for me to hear Eranah!
    I am delighted by your feedback. And YES use anything here for the inspiration of others --- I'm all for that...

  4. Nice Blog, love it! I'll be checking it daily, it has awesome content!

    P.S. I saw on the Renegade show too!

  5. Oops, that comment didn't make sense - regarding all those cheesy kale chips and lemon bars, I mean.

  6. Hi from the UK.

    I watched your vid at The Renegade Health Show...FAB!


  7. So glad to have come across this blog, very interesting, will be popping back for sure.
    Loulou :0)

  8. Hi Michelle! I saw you and Anne-Marie make the the "dill dip"- yummy! I have been reading your blogs about what you are eating, and I think that your cravings, food disorders, etc. are because you are eating too much FAT! i.e. nuts, avocados, seeds, etc. I try to follow the 80/10/10 regime pretty close to feel good. When I eat flax crackers, avocados, fig bars, etc. I feel really crappy, especially in the colon region! It's not hard to overeat on the fats, and I love to "cook" or I mean "uncook". Have you tried getting away from the nuts, seeds, avocados for awhile?

  9. Your advice is of course correct. Being a Kapha, I thrive on less fat. And unluckily, that is exactly what I crave. Ah, if addiction were as simple as common sense! My goal is less fat to be sure, and the rewards of such are what I desire. "The man on top of the mountain didn't fall there." I appreciate your validation of my path and I shall keep walking onward and upward.

  10. I was thinking not only the fat, but so much dehydrated food on the 6th. As someone whose diet is heavily influenced by 80/10/10, I find that if my base is lots of fresh fruit and veggies, then if I eat dehydrated or fatty snacks as well, I do o.k.