Day 99 & 100 ----> Becoming Younger

Sunday August 30th
The scene:
Farmer's Market followed by the Ventura Flea Market (like 75 houses having a Big Garage $ale) w/ Zachary's family. One of the best things about Zachary is that he comes with an incredible dowry --- an Amazing Tribe --- his family. These down-to-earth folks are so inclusive and love gathering for meals, outings, conversation, games, trips...It's just my style.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes; 1 tsp colostrum
AM: ---
Breakfast: handful of green grapes; 4 fresh figs
Lunch: leftover Au Lac food. Chef Eto's curried rice; fried chycks; mashed pototes; and doughnut holes.
Dinner: tomato bisque; onion bread; onion crisps
Snack: 1 lb green grapes

What was Walker about today?
  • no comment ... oh alright. It was a rich food day that I think would have sent Norman Walker to a midday Nap-Time.
  • Ate with Family. Went out to lunch with Matt Monarch's papa and step-mama - we've adopted each other over the years...

What did I discover today?
  • The new onion bread is pretty darn good - but for me, cost prohibitive. I might suggest buying it once, getting sufficiently addicted (which is hard to avoid) - then easily make it yo' self from the recipe in Cafe Gratitude chefing book!
  • Onion crisps - ooooo - Funyons has officially been replaced with a far superior product. Textur-lific!
  • Watched Earthlings. It's a documentary about Man and Animals - with an in-depth study into pet stores, animals shelters, as well as factory farms, the leather and fur trades, sports and entertainment industries (Circuses - torturous!), and finally the medical and scientific profession.
  • Viewing this movie I know is part of my service to the world. Holding the Light of awareness and consciousness that brightens the dark corners of the minds of my brothers and's the least I can do for the animals around our pulsing globe.
  • Our hearts' are good, and our ignorance great.
  • My cousin CR said once, "I'm in support of people's freedom of choice. Go to the slaughterhouse, kill an animal, see the conditions. When you know all that choice means, is the only time you are truly choosing. Otherwise you castrate your power and hand over your choice to big business and advertizements."
  • Earthlings movie is an efficient way to get the true-to-life experience and make a powerful choice, like never before - our single choices add up, I promise.
Monday August 31st
The scene: Raw World workday. Brought my car in for brake work - fingers crossed. Made a new batch of pickles, onion bread and did lots of housey stuff. Amazing a woman's to-do list, eh?

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ; 7 drops Marine Phytoplankton; 1 tsp bee pollen; 1 dropper maca tincture; 1 x echinacea supplement for my spleen
Breakfast: ----
Lunch: 1.5 lb grapes (35 minutes later) 1/2 C soaked/dehydrated almonds
Dinner: 2 C heaven on earth salad; 1/2 pickle; 3 x peruvian olives; 1 date for dessert!
PM: 1 x echinacea

What was Walker about today?
  • Lunch was Walker purrfect!
  • No snacks.
  • Because I planned out my eating day, I had one of the calmest mornings without the crazy munchies --- woo hoo! Peace is a great reward in my book.
What did I discover today?
I spent 4 cumulative hours the last few days looking for great support, vegan (I may settle for manmande), affordable, sandals/summer footwear. The search continues, but I'm steadfast in my search, although my resolve was challenged with the allure of $10-20 price tags at Famous Footwear. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm W I D E open.

If we are going to eat meat or non-vegan food, then let us perhaps consider the suggestion of Kahlil Gibran, author of The Prophet.
"But since you must kill to eat, and rob the newly born of its mother's milk to quench your thirst, let it then be an act of worship. And let your table stand as an altar on which the pure and the innocent of forest and plain are sacrificed for that which is purer and still more innocent in man."
Whew! Really calls us out to be our best...

With live food there is also a worship that can be upheld, which I think is Pure Beauty!
"And when you crush an apple with your teeth, say to it in your heart, 'Your seeds shall live in my body, and the buds of your tomorrow shall blossom in my heart, and your fragrance shall be my breath, and together we shall rejoice through all the seasons.'"

Whatever our chosen diet -- Omnivorism, Veganism, Raw Foodism -- let us strive to choose LOVISM first, last, and always!

Becoming Younger ----> 97&98

Tuesday August 25th
The scene:
Sexy dance yoga is Back! My work-out buddy is done with teaching summer school so we have resumed our decadent morning cat stretches. Zachary was completely generous and drove me to work with my bike in the trunk so I could cycle home. Going for the whole not-too-much-just-enough-exercise-balance (wink).

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ; 6 drops Marine Phytoplankton; 1 tsp bee pollen
Breakfast: 1/2 lb grapes; handful dehydrated flavored almonds (chili powder, lemon, nama shoyu, himalayan salt, garlic powder, coconut oil, agave/honey)
Lunch: 1 C Heaven on Earth salad leftovers; 1/2 mineral rich flax cracker; 2 x peruvian olives;
1/2 Life Force chocolate bar; 1 x Japanese power wrap stick; 20 x chlorella nuts
Dinner: 2 C Kelp noodles, 1/2 zucchini spiralized, tomato, red pepper, cilantro w/ spicy thai sauce from Cafe Gratitude chefing book; dehydrated onions; 1 piece onion bread; 1 date

What was Walker about today?
  • Meal of 1/2-1lb fruit, wait 20 minutes and then a handful of nuts...that's Walker to a 'T'.
  • Lunch has entirely too much fat - Walker salads are mostly a gorgeous arrangement of fruit, veggies and a bit o' fat.
What did I discover today?
  • WoW do I feel better after a good b.m. (short for p**p). At least once a day I'm reminded about the importance of colon cleansing and how tied into our well being that 5 feet of flexi-tubing really is.
  • While zooming by on my cycle, the majority of people I pass are 60-70-80 year olds - walking their pooch companions, jogging topless humming to ipods, glistening with sweat and summer, or just strolling along with a buddy in the silence of their friendship. Age used to frighten me. Now I covet its blessings and strength. Thank you precious ones...

Wednesday August 26th
The scene: Zachary's 36th Birthday was today...We laughed so hard that I went hoarse! After what felt like a gazillion errands around town with a girlfriend, Zachary and I went out and had a great time hunting for treasures in thrift and used book stores.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ; 6 drops Marine Phytoplankton; 1 tsp bee pollen
Breakfast: 1 x banana; handful flavored dehydrated almonds; sparkly water
Lunch: parsley/hemp tabouli; Rawviolis from Mary's Secret Garden
Dinner: 1 C Kelp noodles, 1/2 zucchini spiralized, tomato, red pepper, cilantro w/ spicy thai sauce from Cafe Gratitude chefing book; 1 date

What was Walker about today?
  • Banana and nuts work pretty well. Like dried fruit and nuts, if in small quantities. Otherwise it will ferment. Juicy fruit and nuts are best eaten 20-30 minutes apart.
What did I discover today?
The last few days I've been reeling with how to stop snacking and why it was that I was so out of control.
This morning I woke up, finally feel free of the "chomps".
And it doesn't feel like it's because of any one thing I did or didn't do. Just passed.
That's the way sometimes. I won't always be able to answer the "whys".
This pendulum swing reminded me that it's a good idea to accept the ebb and flows of my body's appetite.
I can tend to get anxious and tense after a mere few meals of overeating...thoughts like needing to fast, stop eating fat, go camping in the woods w/ no food for a few days...
When really what there is to do in some cases is:
Just surrender, be gentle with myself, and wait for the tide to go out again.

However, it was good to reflect on any potential areas of imbalance. I've made some changes and feel better. A few minutes of attention to our weak links can go a long way.

Day 95&96 ----> Becoming Younger

Friday August 21st
The scene:
Monthly potluck at my house! Super fun - one of my favorites. The energy was like we were all one big HUG-anism.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 1 lb green grapes
Breakfast: ----
10am Lunch: 1 C Unbelievable Chili from Alive in 5; 1/4 C lemon pudding from Alive in 5
Snack: 1 x contrast cookie; 1/4 lb green grapes
Dinner: Plate of potluck food

What was Walker about today?
  • mono-fruit meal of grapes
  • didn't over eat potluck food! yippeee :)
What did I discover today?
  • pH plus Liquid Enhancer are the alkalizing pH drops I take every day. Why do I take them? Found out water is Acidic! Since an acidic condition is the favorite abode of all disease and aching pains in the body, I figured less of that would be a darn good thing. Especially appealing for its less than $10 a month price tag. Not doing financially fluent just yet to be able to afford those $10,000 water alkalizer/spinner/mineralizer/ionizer/gold plated/ least not so far this month.
  • And just a tickle for your brain waves is that any item in Green is a LINK to something. If it's a food/supplement, it will likely connect you to The Raw Food World and you can purchase from the site, if it would serve you to do so. At the very least you can read more details about the rather edgy stuff I choose to put into my bod from time to time.

Monday August 24th
The scene: Biked to work. Smiling the whole way. I'M IN LOVE! Me being who I am -- (and I think many women share this view...) a romantic relationship is the Source of my Greatest Happiness in this life. And when I'm in the sweet spot of my "love bubble" all is right with the world. Still Grinning...what a gift.

Upon Rising: 16 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ; 6 drops Marine Phytoplankton
Breakfast: 1 lb green grapes
Lunch: 3/4 C tomato bisque w/ basil and chopped tomato (1/2 the oil in Ani Phyo's book); 1/2 mineral rich flax cracker; 4 x peruvian olives; 1/2 C salsa fresca w/ avo;
Snack: 1/2 Life Force chocolate mint bar
Snack: 1 x Japanese power wrap
Dinner: 1.5 C Heaven on Earth salad (I still need to make video of this one); 1 x Dreamy Drop - 1 part: soaked date, 2 part: nuts ground - leave a few a bit chunky, cacao powder, little salt, goji berries.

What was Walker about today?
nothing after breakfast... d o w n h i l l

What did I discover today?
  • Oh my Goodie Goddess! I can't stop snacking!!!! uuuuggghhhh! What a bummer. The last 4 days I'm full, gas-ey, tired and my face is starting to show the lack luster of fermentation and overeating.
Here's the process I walk through to find and attempt to strengthen the weakest link:
  • I check in with my emotions and I don't have much stress, relatively speaking. In fact, I've just made peace with many previously Very stressful elements to my life.
  • TV consumption is at a high. Food and television ALWAYS go together for me. After working and biking 3 days last week, I've pretty much been exhausted and just want to eat and watch the boob tube. Granted I've been to 4 parties, visited with friends, walked my pooch nightly, had a life...but much more down and out time than usual. OK so, Alternative Refresh Time is necessary in my life right now.
  • Then I look to my bowels moving and if I'm getting enough rest. Pretty good on both counts, but a thorough enema wouldn't hurt.
  • I look to exercise after that. Yup, getting maybe too much of that at once...which could be a cause for munchiness. Okay to exercise, but I should not biked on day 3. Days of rest and recuperation or different muscle group work out are essential.
  • Spiritually I check to see if I'm feeling connected to something grander than my limited mind. My meditation has been fruitful, but inconsistent the last few days. Hmm...
  • Lastly, I look to nutrition and think: YES! It's maybe been just too darn long since I've juiced and my body has run out of reserves and is scrambling madly for extra building nutrients.
  • we'll see...I'll start juicing once again!

Day 93&94 ----> Becoming Younger

Monday August 17th
The scene: Returned home late last night after a fabulous short sojourn to Lake Tahoe. Kayak'd for the first time in ages. Whew it sure takes upper body strength! Biking has been working my legs, but not my arm-age. Zachary had to do most of the rowing; I did most of the splashing and giggling :) Worked at The Raw World today, and ye-ha did I have a snack attack.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ; 8 drops Marine Phytoplankton; 1 tsp bee pollen
Breakfast: 7 x strawberries; handful chili flavored almonds
Lunch: 1 x cheesy kale chip; 2 x peppermint truffles; 1 x contrast cookie (whoa junk food!)
Dinner: Plate of Travel food leftovers: cashew zinger spread, sunset spread, hemp seed pesto, salsa fresca; mineral rich flax cracker; few hunza raisins for dessert.

What was Walker about today?
  • My morning routine is pretty solid and gives me a feeling like I'm doing some really great things for myself.
  • Breakfast was yummy and felt satisfying, although I was quick to start in on the snacks pretty soon after.
What did I discover today?
  • To playback the Radio Show where I talk about the best ways to listen to the Opposite Sex: Click HERE or cut and paste:

  • I haven't decided what I think about cacao - is it a superfood whose benefits outweigh the side effects I seem to suffer? Chocolate, raw or cooked is very acidic. And most any time I partake, I'll get an upset tum-tum. Today was no exception.

  • Emotional Eating is one area that some of you desired more discussion about. Great Question! Emotional Eating is a Ginormous topic that can take a life time's worth of energy to unravel...yuck. But be curious, be creative, and receive all the grace available through education and higher wisdom.
"My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far I've finished two bags of M&M's and a chocolate cake. I feel better already." Humorist, Dave Barry
  • Here's a piece of suggestion for your consideration: Start something You can FINISH! It feels good. Take a step YOU can take, regardless of what that often blaring accusatory comparative voice in your head might say you Should do or where you Should be at. Then look back, praise the progress, and contemplate a cat-stretch toward another.
  • More to Come :) in future days' sharings...

Wednesday August 19th
The scene: Worked at The Raw World Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Biked there-and-back each day. On the way home today I almost fell asleep across the handle bars. Collapsing in bed for an hour before Singing Heart's Circle (co-ed song group I host in my living room) was a lovely repose. If I my leg muscles had a day or two in between to recover, I'm sure it would be's to REST!

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ; 8 drops Marine Phytoplankton; 1 tsp bee pollen; 1 tsp freddie's blend probiotics
Breakfast: 1/2 lb green grapes
Lunch: 1 x Japanese power wrap; sunset spread, hemp seed pesto; mineral rich flax cracker; 1 T chia cookie dough for dessert.
Dinner: handful chili sweet dehydrated almonds; cashew zinger spread; hemp seed pesto; mineral rich flax cracker; 1 tsp tahini garlic dressing w/ greens dipped in it.
Snack: 2 T chia cookie dough; handful trail mix

What was Walker about today?
Dunno...i think Walker would have wagged his bony finger at my FAT intake today. Stressed in body and mind w/ the exercise and extended work week...likely led to increased fatty desires.

What did I discover today?
  • I've gotten encouraging comments to continue the MMS protocol at a lower dosage. - I'm way past that willingness. BUT in response to your convincing arguments and my own sense that it is worthy of a 2nd go, I will pick up again when Pam and Shanti return home early September, and we'll start all together.
  • What is MMS? Quite honestly I feel very green in my knowledge. From what I have gathered, MMS kills what we DON'T want (yet what 99% of us have) in our bodies like parasites, worms, candida and disease. Miracle Mineral Solution - which, for $20, if it does all that the hordes of research claim, it certainly must qualify somewhere as a miracle.
  • My body initially craved the stuff. I was so excited when it came time to take it. Energy levels were noticeably higher. Then I skipped a day at 15 drops and I guess fell too far behind in the toxic load that was being cleared.
  • and are a few reference sites to read up if you are a mite curious and think it could restore some of your quality of life and level of health (thanks Norman)
Had to share this:
Love Incarnate here on Earth --- and on YouTube, no less (wink)!
Click HERE or cut and paste:

Day 91&92 ----> Becoming Younger

Wednesday August 12th
The scene:
Laura Fox interviewed me this evening for her radio show Visionary Culture. I spoke about how we can have deep intimate conversation with the opposite sex, by understanding how differently we must listen to men vs. women. It was an fun honor to get to share, and once the archive is accessible, I will post it here so you can have the opportunity to listen, if you choose that for yourself.

Upon Rising: ---

AM: 16 oz OJ; 6 drops Marine Phytoplankton; 1 tsp bee pollen
Breakfast: ----
Lunch: 1.5 C Asian Cabbage Salad from Alive in 5; 5 T chia cookie dough
Snack: 1 x peppermint truffle; 1 x contrast cookie
Snack: 1 lb grapes
Dinner: 1 small avo; 1 large heirloom tomato; 1/4 C chopped tarragon
Snack: 3 dates; 8 walnuts

What was Walker about today?
  • Slept in and didn't even have water this morning. Was probably thirsty all day, but ended up snick-snacking instead. After all, the body's alert for thirst is, to us, almost identical to a call for food. We often confuse the two. I was anxious about being on the radio as well, so munchies happened.
What did I discover today?
  • I dropped the MMS today because I was tired of being uncomfortable. It causes a burning sensation down my entire digestive tract that lasts for hours. I'll get back on that pony tomorrow and try a new administering approach perhaps. If I had full-beingly committed to the protocol, I would have likely found a resourceful solution and been on the other side of this by now. I'm not beating myself up, just noticing and being inspired with a Life Lesson.
  • Choice is one of our most potent human SuperPowers. There is a point where we can choose to commit and push through no matter what. Commitment is often the easiest route (and usually the only way Great things get accomplished), if we look closely. It's fickle vascillity that's the most confusing and heart breaking. If we commit all our energies in one direction, the way opens and life moves mountains to support us.
  • Of course, it's Key to let our heart's song dictate the way, and be aware if the melody speaking to us changes. Otherwise, we could turn that gift of choice into a vice of control.

Thursday August 13th

The scene: Mmmmmmmmmmmmassage! 2 houses down from me lives a massuese extraordinaire. I treated myself to her magic and thoroughly enjoyed my pamperment. Then my housemate taught me how to make sauerkraut. I have 1 whole gallon which should be ready in a few weeks - for under $4! Had potluck dinner with a girlfriend, free-danced downtown, and then hung out with my hunny as we prepared food for our trip to Lake Tahoe this weekend. Neither of us has 'money to burn', but we Love to adventure and travel even if we have to sleep in the car, camp out, or work a little overtime the next week, we do that. I feel like I'm maturing when I say yes Now, rather then waiting until all the planets align in just the right way.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: ----
Breakfast: ----
Lunch: Salad - Tomato, avo, little chopped sweet onion, fresh basil and tarragon; Dressing - celtic salt, apple cider vinegar; nama shoyu, granulated garlic; celery powder (I cut up and dehydrate celery)
Later: MMS
Snack: handful hunza raisins
: 1 small cracker pizza w/ sunset spread, pesto, tomato, bell pepper, peruvian olive, ribbon zucchini; 2 fresh figs

What was Walker about today?
Too sick/nauseous to care what was Walker about today.

What did I discover today?
  • MMS, my nauseous maker. In the beginning of the protocol, I craved MMS and was refreshed and recharged by taking it. Then I skipped 1 dosage, and ever since then I experience 3-4 hours of nausea every time I take it. Thus, I am taking a break for a monthish, and then resuming from the beginning, making sure to not skip ANY dosages!
  • I'm curious if there is ANYTHING you'd like to read my opinion/experience about? Any question...about anything really. I'm particularly hip about Raw Food, Emotional Eating, and Relationships. You can leave a comment or you can also click on the "Email Author" below.

Day 89&90 ----> Becoming Younger

Monday August 10th
The scene:
Biked to work at The Raw World today. Adding this one element of exercise has made the biggest difference for my working experience! Before, I would need a whole day to recover from a day on the phones. Now I barely get stressed all day, and after the bike ride home I feel energetically cleared and ready for an enjoyable evening with loved ones. Movie watching is on an all time low because I just don't need the zone out recovery time. 2/3 of my bike ride is uphill. But at least it's not up THIS hill!
Oh boy oh boy :0)

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ; 6 drops marine phytoplankton
Breakfast: 1/2 lb grapes; 3 T chia cookie dough; MMS
Lunch: HodgePodge of fridge this and thats! mineral rich flax cracker; 1/2 homemade pickle; 3 x peruvian olives; 1/8th avocado; few carrot sticks dipped in thin tahini dressing; handful sunflower sprouts; 1 x raw chocolate truffle from farmer's market; 10 x chlorella tablets
Dinner: 1.5 C Heaven on Earth salad - oh my goddess yummy! When I have the space, I'll record the video of it; 1/2 date

What was Walker about today?
  • OJ in morning of course
  • Breakfast was hunky dory - I think it would bring a satisfied grin to Dr.Walker's face.
What did I discover today?
I'm on a Live radio show Wednesday evening (Tomorrow). I'll be speaking about How Men and Women can Communicate in a way that opens the door for the Intimacy and Support we crave in relationships with the Opposite Sex. Whether son, daughter, lover, spouse, brother, sister, co-worker...this is about our connection males and females in every type of setting. *If you can't make the live show, it will be archived for future listening.
You can check out the website by clicking HERE or visit Visionary Culture:

Tuesday August 11th
The scene: Biked to work at The Raw World again today. Woke up and really didn't feel like it. But by the time I had drank my OJ I was ready to roll! Puppy has fleas. I've become the Fleaminator! Our backyard, and most of Ojai is having a very abundant flea season. I bring Buckley to work and hunt down his critters while he gets love and attention from the team and the myriad of different delivery guys coming and going all day. We do whatever we must for our little ones, eh?

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ; 6 drops marine phytoplankton; 1 tsp bee pollen
Breakfast: 1/2 cantelope
Lunch: 1 bite Jake's Unbaked goji bar; 1 C Heaven on Earth salad left overs; bit o' cookie dough; 1/2 pickle; 1/5th mineral rich flax cracker
Later: MMS
Dinner: 1.5 C Asian Cabbage Salad from Alive in 5; 2 T chia cookie dough
Later: MMS

What was Walker about today?
Dinner was concentrated and had variety I usually don't eat. Just opened up to the page and was blessed to find a recipe I had the ingredients for! Ah synchronicity!

What did I discover today?
Today I discovered this adorable short film. He's 90 in 2 weeks and they've been together 62 years! Watch for the tooshy love :0) "What a day this has been, what a rare mood I'm, why it's almost like being in love!"