Day17&18 ----> Becoming Younger

Wednesday April 8th
The scene: Nice relaxing day. Went to the beach with puppy dog and hung out with the Love of my Universe, my sweetheart Joshua. I have a website dedicated to him, in fact...if you are curious you can click HERE.

Upon Rising: 32oz water w/ pH drops; 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes
Breakfast: potluck leftovers of freeze-dried fruits including pineapple, mango, and banana
Lunch: 3T hempy dilly veggie dip w/ 1 carrot cut up; 12 sprouted peas; little wedge of flax cracker w/ black salt and coconut oil
Dinner: cheesy kale chips; mixed green salad; 1/2 avocado; 2 x contrast cookies

What was Walker about today?
Breakfast and lunch were small meals, thank goodness because dinner dessert really threw me into overload!

What did I discover today?
  • My itch to make a Walker recipe has grown leaps and bounds because last night I was filmed for the Renegade Health Show. You can see the show by clicking HERE. There are actually people going to see this blog now. Receiving the push of accountability is a HUGEgift and I feel gobs of gratitude for their gentle proddings to go on the show.

  • Overeating don't feel good. I was tired after walking the beach for an hour and running with the dog. Came home and put a bunch of stuff in my mouth. There is a difference between eating until full and eating to the Big Belly point. Next time I would drink more water, take a nap, and wake up with authentic hunger.
Moral of the story: Tired NOT Hungry.

Thursday April 9th
The scene: My perfectly lazy booty is going to try a yoga DVD today. It's kinda sexy dance yoga, which i need because I feel like a fish out of water in that deep breathing, hold position, look like Gumby style yoga.

Upon Rising: 32oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ
Breakfast: 1/2 bag cheesy kale chips
Lunch: hempy dilly veggie dip w/ 1 carrot and 1/2 C broccoli; 1 x flax cracker w/ coconut oil and black salt
Dinner: 1 apple; flax super food blend; 30 chlorella tablets; 1 date; 3 almonds

What was Walker about today?
  • Small dense meals
  • I took a nap - Norman Walker suggests rest as a great tool for regeneration (a.k.a. becoming younger)
  • I had greens, in the form of chlorella

What did I discover today?
A friend reading the blog is not a Raw Foodist - in fact, he's far from it, he may not eat any raw food at all. He asked a two-fold question:
1. Is raw food very different tasting than cooked food?
The majority of my answer is YES!
A Raw Vegan diet includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, herbs and spices. These foods (or in many cases synthetic flavorings) are often used in cooked dishes, so the flavors aren't intensely unfamiliar. Most people report a refreshing reaction, both in the taste and how their body feels after eating raw food.

There are Raw Restaurants and Raw Recipe Books for on-the-edge folks who don't cook their food. The meals mimic favorite cooked food dishes using raw ingredients - like hamburgers, pasta primavera, meat balls, cookies, tacos.

2. Having stomach and digestive issues already, would raw food be too harsh on my body?
This is a great question!
For many people with digestive troubles, raw food demands too much digestive fire to properly break down AND it can stir up toxins that cause uncomfortable cleansing reactions (like headache, gas, diarrhea).
However, the Bottom Line is that everyone's body is made to eat at least some fresh raw food.
*If someone has a hankering to take steps toward that goal here are a few good starters:
  • Drink water on an empty stomach - this helps clean out our bodies - it's gentle and has many other benefits like clear soft skin, weight loss, improved energy, smiles.
  • With your water in the morning, squeeze a lemon in there --- it's like buying your kidneys a massage! Great for arthritic conditions and liver toxicity (a morning after alcohol delight!)
  • Naw on a piece of fruit in the morning - apple, pear and mango are especially gentle.
  • Gobble up a small organic side salad with your regular meal. Eat the salad 1st! Buy some organic mixed baby greens, an organic tomato, organic carrots, an organic dressing ---> these ingredients can be enough for a whole week of salad! My suggestion is to avoid raw veggies like onion, garlic, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli. By the way, I say organic because the goal is to clean up the body, not re-load it with chemicals.
  • Dr.Walker says the source of all dis-ease is a dirty colon. Even with 2-3 bowel movements a day, many of us are still carrying around waste in our bods. Natural Calm is a magnesium supplement that dissolves into hot water. It's a natural bowel mover! Stress depletes magnesium and causes constipation (we are holding onto shit - get it?). I take Natural Calm right before bed for sweet sleep and smooth moves.
  • Have a Go at a Green Smoothie! Blended foods are far easier to digest than in their whole form. Victoria Boutenko studied gorillas and discovered that quite often they eat their greens with fruit. Turns out it tastes delicious! None of the bitterness that can be such a turn off.
Wanna try? This recipe is a fact, we'll call it:
The Green Breeze
1 large handful of spinach
2 big pears
3 C water - add more or less for a thinner or thicker smoothie

What I want for you is what will make YOU HAPPY. If you are like me, when I first started this journey, I was not satisfied with where I was at health wise. Of course, my first goal was not to die. After that, the goals got a bit less dramatic.
What is your goal? What is a step you can take toward it? You probably have some ideas without searching too far. I invite you to write it in the comment section --- sharing can be inspiring to others, as well as to yourself.

"A journey of a 1000 miles must begin with a single step"....or better said for our purposes, "A journey of 1000 bites must begin with a single meal."

*1 day a week I work at The Raw Food World. Many of the links I provide are for you to have access to the products I sometimes eat, if you so choose.


  1. thank you for responding to my question(s)! i'm approaching cautiously as i no longer have a gall bladder to aid in digestion. that coupled with the sparse availability of raw, heck, even organic food stores in my area is another road block. but i've checked out the raw food world website and am contemplating a few dietary changes. as always, thanks michelle!

  2. You are oober welcome dearest man...I didn't know about your non-gallbladder. Being a gallbladder carrier myself, your journey will be unique in relationship to my experience. However, I am here to offer my 2 cents as you go. Raw food has earned a reputation for miracles, especially in cases of a body being compromised in one way or another. I am honored by your question, and of course very impressed by your openness to the unknown.