Day 75&76 ----> Becoming Younger

Monday June 29th
The scene:
Starting to pack for my trip to Chicago on Wednesday. Going to visit the Family. I'm an only child but oh what friends I have back home! We have a tradition of playing Pictionary together. My 'sister' Moose and I have never lost a game to my 'Bro' and Taupe. Even my parents partake - and the laughter and bloodshed are non-stop. Found a few pics: The one below is Taupe and I in High school Senior Year. The one on the right is with my 'Bro' on Halloween, 6 years ago when I first went raw. Not very clear photos, but you can probably feel the FUN.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops
AM: 32 oz water (again)
Breakfast: 5 heavenly plums from neighbors yard
Lunch: Bowl o' Salad; mineral rich flax cracker w/ coconut oil and black salt
Dinner: 1/2 C chia cookie dough!

What was Walker about today?
Mono fruit meal - ideally I would have had a few more, but my tummy was a bit upset.

What did I discover today?
Still haven't put a spoon by my bed for therapeautic enzymes. I'm getting off my cute duff right now and doing that.
  • I canceled Netflix! I had it for 1.5 months...While a relieving diversion for my stressed out human mind and's just not worth the life-sucking black hole that happens for me. A tempting trigger, I can be a certified Movie/TV Addict. As Melody Beattie writes, "I learned if you don't want to slip, don't go where it's slippery."
  • Real life started seeming less real than TV life. TV Programming...voluntarily being programmed. With what? Usually I just watch comedy's or did a marathon of The Office episodes --- but gadzooks! What an onslaught of messages and belief systems eeking into my being - I started to feel uncentered and confused. Decisions became hard for me and being quite enough to feel was no where in the ballpark of my experience.
  • I'm happy to have played this out. Now my usual 1-6 movie rentals a week will be reduced effortlessly. Turning up the volume is sometimes needed to see the true nature of a thing. Otherwise, it can stay hidden in the mist and be controling us unknowingly.
  • With all that being said - i LOVE media and all the tools we are inventing as a People to stay connected and spread our insights around the world. I just need to practice a little sorting and selectivity now and then (wink).

Tuesday June 30th
The scene: Day before I leave for Chicago. My to-do list is two pages long! My girlfriend and I did a dozen errands this afternoon to make a dent in what felt like it needed to get done. Watched a sweet video with my Goddaughter at night - "Spirited Away" - Japenese Animation...this was a deep film. Many layered and different flavored than our vids here in the states.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: ---
Breakfast: 4 x fresh plums; 3 T chia cookie dough
Lunch: 2 C curry cauliflower soup from Raw Foods For Busy People 2; 1 x mexican power wrap; 1 T chia cookie dough
Dinner: Salad w/ miso honey dressing; 6 x almonds dipped in miso; 2 T chia cookie dough
PM: a cup of Good Earth tea

What was Walker about today?
I had enzymes this morning! Walker talks about the importance of enzymes, but he didn't have supplementation available, like we do now. Enzymes are definitely in my Walker plan...and I think he'd approve. Winking up at you Mr.Walker :)

What did I discover today?
  • Today was a day for expressing myself.
  • I'm devouring The New Codependency by Melody Beattie and she writes, "The only way back into ourselves is by feeling all the feelings we left our body to escape. We clean house, then we come home and live in ourselves again."
  • As an emotinal overeater, sometimes TV aholic, and definite borderline co-dependent, I feel rather familiar with wanting to escape feeling my feelings.
  • If I trace back, typically what starts the whole downward spiral is Not expressing a Need or neglecting to set a Boundary when something didn't feel comfortable.
  • Getting to spend a bit of time around David Wolfe at Raw Union - I percieved him as a man who is self-centered: his center is in himself! It was a rare vision and one that keeps calling to me.
  • I aspire to self-centeredness :) and always being Home wherever I AM.

Day 73&74 ----> Becoming Younger

Saturday June 27th
The scene:
Lavender Festival in Ojai. Booths, marketers, music, smells that put everyone in a blissed out relaxed state. Pretty good. I bought a red parasol. Later tonight I went to a birthday party in the country with a few friends. Live Music, Local Townies, Drumming Fire Pit Circle and Fresh Food. A night to remember.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops
AM: -----
Breakfast: plums off a neighbor's tree - best in the World!
Lunch: 2 C spinach tomato soup; small salad w/ hemp seed dressing; parma
Dinner: 3 bites of raw chocolate coconut ice cream; 1/2 banana

What was Walker about today?
  • Mono-meal of Fresh RIPE fruit - i only ate what had fallen on the ground in joyful abundance
What did I discover today?
Saying "No" or speaking my "Needs" is one of the most difficult things on the planet --- probably especially for my gender.
But if my mouth doesn't say "No" --- other parts of my body, being and behavior will ---> Many times to my detriment as I begin imploding to hide the truth threatening to escape!

A few gems I'd like to share...treasures often guarded by a scary looking dragon who threatens to burn you alive if you venture close. He's full of Hot Air - go on IN:
  • It's always kinder and easier for all involved to communicate at 'point easy' rather than 'point crisis'.
  • No matter what the circumstances end up looking like as a result of sharing my truth, at least I can breathe again.
  • Leaving out my truth, Leaves Me out of the equation ---> which means authentic joy, love, and intimacy are out of the question.
  • Lies and Withholding hurt more.
  • My BEST times in life were a result of being ridiculously honest and vulnerable with someone.

Sunday June 28th
The scene: Farmer's Market --- finally Fresh Food!!! My dear friend reminded me I was leaving town on Wednesday or I would have bought the entire market! Madrigali practice at night - always a magical elixir for me.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: ----
Breakfast: a few market samples including: blueberry, strawberries, peach, nectarine
Lunch: Oh my Goddess salad! (That's what I'm calling it). Salad: sunflower sprouts; apple; heirloom tomato; carrot chunks; cucumber; iceberg; sunnies; avocado. Dressing: olive oil, apple cider vinegar, nama shoyu, garlic powder, cinnamon. Little bit o' Parma on a spoon; 1/2 medjool date.
Snack: 1/4th pint raw coconut chocolate icecream
Dinner: small salad - 1 tomotoe; 1/4 avocado; 1 carrot; hemp seed dressing; 1 x bag cheezy kale chips

What was Walker about today?

What did I discover today?
Everything in life wants the best for us.
Even if it has a hurtful way of showing it - the pain guides us back home.
Back to the Flow we Go.

Hopefully sooner, than later.

It feels like Life has a Dream for me, for you, for all of us....
We were the dream weavers, before our time here began. Some call it Destiny.
The nature of Destiny I believe, is flexible -
We influence our future not yet written.
And there is an internal compass guiding us along the route laden with our deepest and oldest dreams coming true.

Happy Spelunking!

Day 71&72 ----> Becoming Younger

Thursday June 25th
The scene:
Working the Raw World phones for Jack because he's doing a cleanse this week. We took this photo at the Raw Union festival this weekend. Oh how We Love to Giggle!

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz Grapefruit Juice; 1/8 tsp stevia
Breakfast: ----
Lunch: 24 oz veggie juice; large handful of soaked and dehydrated almonds; few nori snacks; 1 x decadence cacao bar
Snack: 10 incan berries (and Incredible Vitamin C kick -- Fun Food!) ; 1 piece snakaroon
: hodge podge salad; 6 sun-dried tomato flax crackers from a friend

What was Walker about today?
  • Water
  • Citrus Juice
  • Veggie Juice and nuts for lunch was a favorite combo for Norman Walker. He'd usually add a bit of dried fruit - well...I added a different kind of decadence :)
What did I discover today?
  • Grapefruit juice is supposedly a great insomnia 'natural cure'. Well, lemme tell you's working for a stress reliever too! I've been super chill all day, like that delightful dream space right after I stir from slumber. My physical senses are heightened and my brain has a pleasant hummm, with none of the frantic energy I sometimes experience while working.
  • Specific nutrients make a difference in how we feel, go figure...
  • I've been listening to the Raw Mom Summit. I don't have kids as of yet, but I am a proud mama-wanna-be. Passion is always ignited when it comes to our children, eh? It's fascinating the value I'm receiving and putting in my tool kit - about raising Raw children in a cooked world; about how I myself can improve my raw lifestyle; about making RAW fun for kids; and how to be a good guardian for children who aren't even mine.
  • It's FREE, it's happening for the next 3 days, and it's valuable for raising our consciousness.
  • This photo is of me and my daddy! I love you Papa Bear...

Friday June 26th
The scene: Whistling while I work, once again. Planning a super fun and connected weekend. I put purple onions and sprouted green peas in my salad - not good for my little belly. Feeling like a balloon that's going to burst.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops
AM: ----
Breakfast: handful of soaked dehydrated almonds; 3 x dates; 1/2 peppermint truffle
Snack: 27 oz veggie juice
: hodge podge salad; a few cheesy almonds; 1/2 snackaroon
Dinner: 1 x bag cheezy kale chips

What was Walker about today?
  • Water
  • Veggie Juice!

What did I discover today?
Wanted to share a SUPER neato gift that was given to me at the Raw Union Festival. It's *sparkling* henna. My hand, now without sparkles, still has the henna markings and will last another 5-6 days. The Bride, Angela, got 'bridal henna' over her arms, shoulders, hands, feet and lower legs. There is also traditional pregnant belly henna. Pam (Luna), who was the divine artist behind my creation, said that when she does a pregnant mama's belly, the child will always kick and move around quite a bit, which changes the art that emerges. It's like the baby is designing and expressing itself in the signature of the art. I was blown away with Awe and the Holiness of LIFE! What lucky stewards we are...

Raw Mom Summit bit of interesting Trivia: In bygone years, beer was the beverage of choice and gave men a testosterone boost, which translated into increased sexual drive. Fearing this, the church activated the Beer Purity Act. In this act, Hops became a main ingredient of beer. Why is this so pivotal and shocking? Hops is one of The Most Estrogen Containing substances on the planet! Too much estrogen in men causes: erectile dysfunction; decreased sex drive; a more feminine shape; and the development of breast tissue - to name a few. The church was feminizing MEN to curb their lustful appetites. Hops is still in today's favorite guzzling brews. How's that for a factoid?

Standing for Men being Men - wholly and naturally, perfect just as they are...

Day 69&70 ----> Becoming Younger

Tuesday June 23rd
The scene:
First day back after taking a free-will vacation from Blogging. Keeping the Choice to be here ALIVE! Matt and Angela's Raw Union Festival was incredible and HULLO to you lovelies who I met there.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops
AM: 16 oz OJ
Breakfast: ----
Lunch: hodgepodge traveling leftovers which I made for the Raw Union wedding adventure including small amounts of the following: broccoli flax crackers; sun burger; nori snacks; sprouted and dehydrated almonds. A few nibbles also of the Raw World's: cheezy and ranch kale chips; herbed peruvian olives; mayan chocolate; 20 chlorella tablets. Also a few roma tomato slices and a slice of green apple.
Dinner: 1 x bag of cheezy kale chips; 2 C curry cauliflower soup; 1/4 C chia cookie dough

What was Walker about today?

What did I discover today?
  • The spoon I keep by my morning therapeutic enzymes is back in the kitchen drawer. So I didn't take them! Much of follow through is dependent on setting myself up for EASY success.
Raw Union was fantastic!
We sent out incredible LIGHT into the planet and my spirit was nourished in a way that has never before happened.

It's showed me again, how important village and community is for me in being fully happy and fulfilled in this human experience.

I was happy to take a bit of time off these last two (three?) weeks. Life took many swoops and turns in Grand directions. It caused a flux in all my 'habits and routines', including Becoming Younger...

After giving a relationship presentation at Raw Union, I am excited to once again begin teaching and realized that sharing with 'strangers' I might never see again or have never met before, gives me a HUGE lift! Ah, the attraction of a virgin mind...I was surprised that my being opened so easily to the experience and gave me the green light I have been looking for. Now that I know the audience I feel drawn to teach, I'm more willing to invest my life's energy there.

Wednesday June 24th
The scene: Recover, Recharge day after my trip up to Raw Union. Women's Song Circle at night here at the house - my joy, my goddess, my family, my light. Singing in harmony 'creates a different space for us to exist in'. Human Spirit lives in song.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops
AM: -----
Breakfast: ----
Lunch: 2 bites mango; 1 x tomato; 1 x carrot cut in rounds; 1/4 tiny avocado; 2 x sun burger; 4 x nori snacks; 2 x broccoli flax crackers; 4 dates; small handful walnuts
Dinner: 2 x sun burger; 4 x nori snacks; 16 oz veggie juice
Snack: 24 oz veggie juice

What was Walker about today?
Veggie Veggie Veggie Juice!

What did I discover today?
  • Much of my trip I ate raw dehydrated foods, heavy fat. Even though I was conscious of keeping the meals small and drinking tons of water, today the effects hit hard and I slept most of the day to recover.
  • While away, the yearning for fresh greens was almost unbearable. My desire for veggie juice made me feel like a junkie without her fix.
  • How Cool is THAT? In years gone by, my cravings would be totally absent of virtue --- pizza, candy bars, ice cream.
  • Guess my body is Now accustomed to its fresh food diet.
  • I LOVE what I craved! What validation that I'm on the right track.
  • Before Raw and even now, when I crave junk food, it's either: 1) Emotional Escapism 2) Pooping needs to happen 3) Sleep is way overdue.

Day 67&68 ----> Becoming Younger

Wednesday June 3rd
The scene:
Mo-Co: my to-do list group - keeps my life sane and organized!

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ
Breakfast: ----
Lunch: 8 oz veggie juice; 2 x homemade chia moon drops; 1 x mexican power wrap; 2 T tahini; 2 x herbed olives; 1/4 C guacamole; 1/2 C slices jicama
Dinner: 3 C creamy zucchini soup from Alive in 5; 2 dates; 4 x brazil nuts; 8 oz veggie juice
PM: Tea with friends - my favorite kind of tea!

What was Walker about today?
  • Water
  • OJ
  • Veggie Juice - just makes any meal over the top satisfying for me. I don't drink more than 8oz, though, because it might disrupt digestion.
What did I discover today?
  • Today I had the Great Fortune of being bestowed with my housemate's coveted DATE secret --- I've always wondered how he keeps them moist and fresh for months at a time!
  1. He puts his dates in a Kerr/Mason jar and seals the lid.
  2. Stores it in the refrigerator.
  3. If ever they get a little dried out, he simply sprinkles a few drops of water in the jar.
*Not much H2O!!! Or they'll get moldy.
Now you too are a Fresh Date Secret Bearer.... Go forth children, and may the Force of fresh fruit, be with you.

Thursday June 4th
The scene: What a day! Watched my Goddaughter Shanti play a recital graduation at her home-school group. Took a long nap with my puppy dog. Harvested mulberries and tangerines. Boogied-out at Dance Medicine in the coolness of the night air.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ
Breakfast: ----
Lunch: 3 C tomato spinach soup from Raw Foods for Busy People: 2; 5 herbed olives; 4 dates; 6 brazil nuts
Dinner: Mulberries!
Snack: 16 oz veggie juice

What was Walker about today?
  • Mono-Fruit meal
  • A meal of just veggie juice
What did I discover today?
  • Ever have those days you just can't get up?
  • I was resting in bed at 1pm thinking, what am I doing back here???
  • After giving up resistance, it turned into a fabulous meditation opportunity.
  • The last week I've been running a LOT of energy through this body, emotionally speaking. It exhausted me. Much of my emotions were good giddy energy, but they just tuckered me out, evidently!
  • Trusting the demand for rest was a good idea. Not that I had much of a choice...I LOVE when the signals are clear.
  • May I always know exactly what my body needs and have the strength to follow through with its guidance --- to make me the happiest and healthiest being I can be.
We all must master the ability to release who we are for the possibility of who we might become." ~Katherine Woodward Thomas

Day 65&66 ----> Becoming Younger

Monday June 1st
The scene:
Workday - Monday's are always the busiest. Played dolls with my goddaughter - we had a beach house, hotel and restaurant, horse-drawn carriage and 10 "people" --- all in a 2 foot radius. Good thing she has small hands that can navigate this miniature world. Tonight I helped manage a Relationship workshop for a friend down in Ventura. Women opening to the beauty of Men is such a Holy thing to witness. What courage these women showed tonight!

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ
Breakfast: 1/2 banana
Lunch: 4 C creamy spinach tomato soup; few sunflower greens; 2 delicious radishes; 7 sugar snaps; 2 x botila olives
Early Dinner: 1 T tahini dipped in olive water; 10 herbed olives; jicama slices with 1/4 C guacamole -- yes, a meal almost completely consisting of FAT
Snack: 1 apple w/o skin
Snack: 1 apple w/o skin

What was Walker about today?
  • Water
  • OJ
  • Lunch was energizing and had variety. Not too much, and yet very satisfying.
What did I discover today?
"Doing more of what doesn't work won't make it work any better."
Charles J Givens
This quote is a version of one of my favorite definitions of INSANITY:
"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
  • It's not insanity though, eh?
  • Just me offering a friendly spatula tap on the rear end for anyone reading that might feel the inertia of being stuck in a habit you would rather trade in.
  • First is admitting the 'behavior' doesn't work - period. Justifications pushed aside - far aside - like Neptune aside. YOU WORK - the behavior doesn't.
  • Then see what opens up as a next step, in that space of honesty.
  • Dare I use a cheesy line? "The Truth will Set You Free!" Drilled down, that's all we really want in relation to the stuff we're stuck on, right? To feel like we have a chance at choice again.

Tuesday June 2nd
The scene: Snuggled with my goddaughter, her mama and our 2 dogs this morning before getting up and at'em. Playful Heaven! Work day again - last extra shift I hope to do for a while. Played grass volleyball - first time in about 10 years. My arms are swollen like fluffy loaves of bread. Not an ounce of regret!

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16oz OJ
Breakfast: ----
Lunch: 1/2 bag cheesy kale chips; 4 C creamy tomato soup from Raw Foods For Busy People 2; 5 herbed olives; 3 radishes
Dinner: 2 C curry cauliflower soup (same book); 1 x power wrap
Dinner 2: meat and water of 1 x young coconut; 2 T tahini dipped in botija olive water - not really all that good - just handy.

What was Walker about today?
  • Water
  • OJ
  • Dinner - nice size and variety, getting different veggies in me...satisfying
What did I discover today?
  • The noise of working so much lately has disrupted the meditative edge I had going for a few weeks. A disciplined person, I am not. I thrive best when I can create a rather controlled supportive space in which to form a New Habit. I Build Momentum. Then I can leave my cocoon for a few days and still be in the flow.
  • Like when I go home to visit my folks ---> I feel the cooked food bugs crawling on my skin after about 6 or 7 days. Tempting me back to, what for me, was the dark side that almost killed me. I've made my visits home shorter as a result of what I experience.
  • I try not to pretend to be ahead of my evolution ---> I honor the truth of where I'm at, and that seems to work a bit better than the alternative.
  • Today, I give myself permission to have limitations! Whopee!
  • Look who had 2 dinners tonight!?! Yikes - not proud of that one. Fatigue eating. Ha! Just noticed the word "fat" is in fatigue. Tomorrow is a new day, I'll see about spacing my meals better and enjoy some rest time - BEFORE I get tired! Fatigue Prevention...nice.
  • Especially women, we need restful spaces (document-edly more than men) throughout the day to stay in balance.
  • This photo is entitled: 'Sleep Medicine'. Rather than say, "that would be nice" - perhaps give yourself permission - it's documented! Scientifically supported. Your loved ones and your life will thank you.