Day 10&11 ----> Becoming Younger

Tuesday March 31st
The scene: Cacao breakdown! What you resists persists, eh?

Here's what happened:
AM: Did I even drink water? I don't recall. NOPE - glass still full.
Breakfast: 16 oz Grapefruit Juice
Lunch: flax cracker, black salt, coconut oil; 1/2 C cauliflower chili. 2nd course: cacao dip with dates and almond butter
Dinner: 1 C green salad; 2 T tahini hemp dressing; 1/4 avocado; 4 peruvian olives; 1/2 large tomato

What was Walker about today?
  • Jeeze...not much. Dinner was small and dense, but too much fat.
  • Great bowel movement, I must say. Walker says that especially after an enema, the bowels work more efficiently. I am living proof of the Facts of that there statement! Be aware, it may take a day or two to fill up to the point of evacuation again - that's normal.
What did I discover today?
The Laws of the Universe seem to work mathematically.
Do you remember equations from math class: X+Y = Z ?
A few days ago I discovered that: Me + Cacao = Being Off-Balance.
I remember taking history in school and asking my teacher,
"What is the point of focusing on the past?"
He said, "We can learn from the past to have an even better future."
Well Mr. Nottier, I think my cravings are officially getting an "F" in applying historical data!
Because what do I want most since my cacao discovery? Cacao!
I've found that the Universe is a place of Justice and thus, Cause = Effect.
In this case, Stimulant In = Junkie Craving Gonna Get'cha.
But what of the theory that, What you resist, persists?
Many an attempted "quitter" has clung to this theory and once again given in to their substance abuse.
My best answer in the moment is to:
A) Avoid the foods that trigger my drooling crazed "addict". The Power of Replacement would likely come in handy, as well. Find a yummy substitute and keep it handy!
B) Apply my spiritual practice to help build more inner strength.

To quote Rebecca Carlson, Publisher of the Raw magazine Purely Delicious: "{Being raw} is an inside out lifestyle change".
Hopefully, next time, when the stress of life tempts me toward "a punch in the gut to take away the pain in my head", I can say "nah, not right now".

Wednesday April 1st
The scene: Went downtown with my lovely friend and stopped at the beach to have a bit of lunch. Watched an old English mystery movie.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: ---
Breakfast: 3 x tangerines
Lunch: handful of brazil nuts with dulse leaf; 1/2 apple; flax cracker w/ 2 T avocado
Movie Snacks: lemon fig bars; cheesy kale chips; 1 x white chocolate bar
Dinner: 1/3 package kelp noodles; 1/4 carrot shredded; 1/2 tomato; 1/4 avocado; dill tahini hemp dressing

What was Walker about today?
Water 1st thing in the morning. My sweetheart Joshua puts water by my bedside every night. All I have to do in the morning is sit up and drink. If it wasn't strategically placed, I would get out of bed and start to do a million things and never get to my water. Success usually comes from consistently setting ourselves up to win. In my case, I had to enlist the support of someone who loves me. Joshua is more than willing to do the little things, especially when they make the big differences!

What did I discover today?
  • Today I went off the reservation. I basically pretended the Movie Snack didn't happen and had my usual 3 meals, in addition. This was FUN! Good to have a rebel day now and then, eh? Reminds me of childhood when my mama would stuff her huge Mary Poppins purse full of healthy treats for a group of us kids, and we'd go off to enjoy the show, without having to rot our teeth or pay the outrageous snack bar prices!
  • My teeth sensitivity is high right now, which happens when I eat too much fat and/or fermenting combinations. I'll try and keep it simple the next few days and stay away from The Raw World warehouse goodies!

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