Day 40&41 ----> Becoming Younger

Saturday May 2nd
The scene:
Garage $ale$! Ah the grand tradition of junk recycling. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder...what's junk to one is treasure to another, usually for under $1! Cleaned our carpets with Simple Green and a beautiful rented machine called 'Rug Doctor'. It's after the rainy season here so I know the pockets of mud-ed floor won't be tracked in again until next year.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: ----
Breakfast: 2 golden delicious apples
Lunch: 5 pieces onion bread; 1/2 C guacamole (heavy celery); 1 C romaine hearts; 1 roma tomato; garlic tahini dressing; 1 date
Dinner: 10 pieces onion bread (finished the batch); 2 C romaine hearts; 2 roma tomato; tahini garlic dressing on salad and as a dip for the onion bread

*Click HERE and you can see a video for the onion bread recipe I made - Yummers!*

What was Walker about today?
  • Norman Walker often had a meal of just fruit ---> 1-2 pounds

What did I discover today?
  • I can say NO! The graceful Angela Stokes is here visiting and we had planned to go to a play last evening. About 15 minutes before we were to head out she said, "I don't think I'll go. It feels like there's been enough input today, for me."
  • Just like that ---- what a Queenly remark of taking care of herself.
  • What did I do? I checked in and told my companions - I'm not going either! I'd rather stay at home and relax.
  • My friends said it was The Best high school production they had ever seen - and you know what? I didn't feel like I missed out! Making my own inner world peaceful was more valuable. And Life is abundantly full of goodies to enjoy...
  • Watching our friends Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes eat yesterday, I was struck by how LARGE their lunch was. Of course, Matt generally only eats 2 meals a day, and I was impressed by how they negotiate that with a tremendous quantity of greens and other yumminess. They don't gorge on fat and sugar --- instead they choose sprouts, dulse, romaine leaves for wraps, tomatoes, cucumbers, and enough fat to make it taste good. I don't know if this is a typical meal for the Raw Superstar Duo, but it was enlightening to me as a fulfilling option.

Sunday May 3rd
The scene: Farmer's Market and the highlight: Mulberries! Angela shares my passion for the Garage $ale$ and so after the Market, four of us ladies went on the hunt, and definitely came up grinning.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: ---
Breakfast: 1/2 lb cherries; 1 basket mulberries; 1 shot wheatgrass
Lunch: Today I was treated to a homemade lunch! 5 sun-dried tomato crackers; 2 T cashew zinger spread; 1/2 avocado; 1/2 C sprout variety mix; 3 coco-chia moon drops
Dinner: 1 x bag cheesy kale chips; 1 golden delicious apple

What was Walker about today?
  • Morning breakfast was about 1 1/2 of fruit with a concentrated veggie juice - right on track!
  • Usually I eat alone. Today I had lunch with my girlfriend. Norman Walker suggested eating time be in a space of loving connection, especially with people we care about.

What did I discover today?
  • I believe that it's completely reasonable to not want to be alone or do life by ourselves. However, it's also important to generate happiness in those times when we are flying solo. Right now I feel like I'm attempting to put up solar panels on my being, so that I can turn into the moments of my day and absorb the ever abundant life force they have to give. This seems decidedly more sustainable than being plugged into another person or external circumstance for my joy.
  • This is one of those 'duh' discoveries, however, knowing something and acting on that knowing are universes apart.
"There aren't any rules to success that will work unless you do." Author Unknown

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