Day 95&96 ----> Becoming Younger

Friday August 21st
The scene:
Monthly potluck at my house! Super fun - one of my favorites. The energy was like we were all one big HUG-anism.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 1 lb green grapes
Breakfast: ----
10am Lunch: 1 C Unbelievable Chili from Alive in 5; 1/4 C lemon pudding from Alive in 5
Snack: 1 x contrast cookie; 1/4 lb green grapes
Dinner: Plate of potluck food

What was Walker about today?
  • mono-fruit meal of grapes
  • didn't over eat potluck food! yippeee :)
What did I discover today?
  • pH plus Liquid Enhancer are the alkalizing pH drops I take every day. Why do I take them? Found out water is Acidic! Since an acidic condition is the favorite abode of all disease and aching pains in the body, I figured less of that would be a darn good thing. Especially appealing for its less than $10 a month price tag. Not doing financially fluent just yet to be able to afford those $10,000 water alkalizer/spinner/mineralizer/ionizer/gold plated/ least not so far this month.
  • And just a tickle for your brain waves is that any item in Green is a LINK to something. If it's a food/supplement, it will likely connect you to The Raw Food World and you can purchase from the site, if it would serve you to do so. At the very least you can read more details about the rather edgy stuff I choose to put into my bod from time to time.

Monday August 24th
The scene: Biked to work. Smiling the whole way. I'M IN LOVE! Me being who I am -- (and I think many women share this view...) a romantic relationship is the Source of my Greatest Happiness in this life. And when I'm in the sweet spot of my "love bubble" all is right with the world. Still Grinning...what a gift.

Upon Rising: 16 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ; 6 drops Marine Phytoplankton
Breakfast: 1 lb green grapes
Lunch: 3/4 C tomato bisque w/ basil and chopped tomato (1/2 the oil in Ani Phyo's book); 1/2 mineral rich flax cracker; 4 x peruvian olives; 1/2 C salsa fresca w/ avo;
Snack: 1/2 Life Force chocolate mint bar
Snack: 1 x Japanese power wrap
Dinner: 1.5 C Heaven on Earth salad (I still need to make video of this one); 1 x Dreamy Drop - 1 part: soaked date, 2 part: nuts ground - leave a few a bit chunky, cacao powder, little salt, goji berries.

What was Walker about today?
nothing after breakfast... d o w n h i l l

What did I discover today?
  • Oh my Goodie Goddess! I can't stop snacking!!!! uuuuggghhhh! What a bummer. The last 4 days I'm full, gas-ey, tired and my face is starting to show the lack luster of fermentation and overeating.
Here's the process I walk through to find and attempt to strengthen the weakest link:
  • I check in with my emotions and I don't have much stress, relatively speaking. In fact, I've just made peace with many previously Very stressful elements to my life.
  • TV consumption is at a high. Food and television ALWAYS go together for me. After working and biking 3 days last week, I've pretty much been exhausted and just want to eat and watch the boob tube. Granted I've been to 4 parties, visited with friends, walked my pooch nightly, had a life...but much more down and out time than usual. OK so, Alternative Refresh Time is necessary in my life right now.
  • Then I look to my bowels moving and if I'm getting enough rest. Pretty good on both counts, but a thorough enema wouldn't hurt.
  • I look to exercise after that. Yup, getting maybe too much of that at once...which could be a cause for munchiness. Okay to exercise, but I should not biked on day 3. Days of rest and recuperation or different muscle group work out are essential.
  • Spiritually I check to see if I'm feeling connected to something grander than my limited mind. My meditation has been fruitful, but inconsistent the last few days. Hmm...
  • Lastly, I look to nutrition and think: YES! It's maybe been just too darn long since I've juiced and my body has run out of reserves and is scrambling madly for extra building nutrients.
  • we'll see...I'll start juicing once again!

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  1. Very interesting i guess the more raw food the more raw nutrients! Thannks for sharing.