Day 75&76 ----> Becoming Younger

Monday June 29th
The scene:
Starting to pack for my trip to Chicago on Wednesday. Going to visit the Family. I'm an only child but oh what friends I have back home! We have a tradition of playing Pictionary together. My 'sister' Moose and I have never lost a game to my 'Bro' and Taupe. Even my parents partake - and the laughter and bloodshed are non-stop. Found a few pics: The one below is Taupe and I in High school Senior Year. The one on the right is with my 'Bro' on Halloween, 6 years ago when I first went raw. Not very clear photos, but you can probably feel the FUN.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops
AM: 32 oz water (again)
Breakfast: 5 heavenly plums from neighbors yard
Lunch: Bowl o' Salad; mineral rich flax cracker w/ coconut oil and black salt
Dinner: 1/2 C chia cookie dough!

What was Walker about today?
Mono fruit meal - ideally I would have had a few more, but my tummy was a bit upset.

What did I discover today?
Still haven't put a spoon by my bed for therapeautic enzymes. I'm getting off my cute duff right now and doing that.
  • I canceled Netflix! I had it for 1.5 months...While a relieving diversion for my stressed out human mind and's just not worth the life-sucking black hole that happens for me. A tempting trigger, I can be a certified Movie/TV Addict. As Melody Beattie writes, "I learned if you don't want to slip, don't go where it's slippery."
  • Real life started seeming less real than TV life. TV Programming...voluntarily being programmed. With what? Usually I just watch comedy's or did a marathon of The Office episodes --- but gadzooks! What an onslaught of messages and belief systems eeking into my being - I started to feel uncentered and confused. Decisions became hard for me and being quite enough to feel was no where in the ballpark of my experience.
  • I'm happy to have played this out. Now my usual 1-6 movie rentals a week will be reduced effortlessly. Turning up the volume is sometimes needed to see the true nature of a thing. Otherwise, it can stay hidden in the mist and be controling us unknowingly.
  • With all that being said - i LOVE media and all the tools we are inventing as a People to stay connected and spread our insights around the world. I just need to practice a little sorting and selectivity now and then (wink).

Tuesday June 30th
The scene: Day before I leave for Chicago. My to-do list is two pages long! My girlfriend and I did a dozen errands this afternoon to make a dent in what felt like it needed to get done. Watched a sweet video with my Goddaughter at night - "Spirited Away" - Japenese Animation...this was a deep film. Many layered and different flavored than our vids here in the states.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: ---
Breakfast: 4 x fresh plums; 3 T chia cookie dough
Lunch: 2 C curry cauliflower soup from Raw Foods For Busy People 2; 1 x mexican power wrap; 1 T chia cookie dough
Dinner: Salad w/ miso honey dressing; 6 x almonds dipped in miso; 2 T chia cookie dough
PM: a cup of Good Earth tea

What was Walker about today?
I had enzymes this morning! Walker talks about the importance of enzymes, but he didn't have supplementation available, like we do now. Enzymes are definitely in my Walker plan...and I think he'd approve. Winking up at you Mr.Walker :)

What did I discover today?
  • Today was a day for expressing myself.
  • I'm devouring The New Codependency by Melody Beattie and she writes, "The only way back into ourselves is by feeling all the feelings we left our body to escape. We clean house, then we come home and live in ourselves again."
  • As an emotinal overeater, sometimes TV aholic, and definite borderline co-dependent, I feel rather familiar with wanting to escape feeling my feelings.
  • If I trace back, typically what starts the whole downward spiral is Not expressing a Need or neglecting to set a Boundary when something didn't feel comfortable.
  • Getting to spend a bit of time around David Wolfe at Raw Union - I percieved him as a man who is self-centered: his center is in himself! It was a rare vision and one that keeps calling to me.
  • I aspire to self-centeredness :) and always being Home wherever I AM.

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