Day 69&70 ----> Becoming Younger

Tuesday June 23rd
The scene:
First day back after taking a free-will vacation from Blogging. Keeping the Choice to be here ALIVE! Matt and Angela's Raw Union Festival was incredible and HULLO to you lovelies who I met there.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops
AM: 16 oz OJ
Breakfast: ----
Lunch: hodgepodge traveling leftovers which I made for the Raw Union wedding adventure including small amounts of the following: broccoli flax crackers; sun burger; nori snacks; sprouted and dehydrated almonds. A few nibbles also of the Raw World's: cheezy and ranch kale chips; herbed peruvian olives; mayan chocolate; 20 chlorella tablets. Also a few roma tomato slices and a slice of green apple.
Dinner: 1 x bag of cheezy kale chips; 2 C curry cauliflower soup; 1/4 C chia cookie dough

What was Walker about today?

What did I discover today?
  • The spoon I keep by my morning therapeutic enzymes is back in the kitchen drawer. So I didn't take them! Much of follow through is dependent on setting myself up for EASY success.
Raw Union was fantastic!
We sent out incredible LIGHT into the planet and my spirit was nourished in a way that has never before happened.

It's showed me again, how important village and community is for me in being fully happy and fulfilled in this human experience.

I was happy to take a bit of time off these last two (three?) weeks. Life took many swoops and turns in Grand directions. It caused a flux in all my 'habits and routines', including Becoming Younger...

After giving a relationship presentation at Raw Union, I am excited to once again begin teaching and realized that sharing with 'strangers' I might never see again or have never met before, gives me a HUGE lift! Ah, the attraction of a virgin mind...I was surprised that my being opened so easily to the experience and gave me the green light I have been looking for. Now that I know the audience I feel drawn to teach, I'm more willing to invest my life's energy there.

Wednesday June 24th
The scene: Recover, Recharge day after my trip up to Raw Union. Women's Song Circle at night here at the house - my joy, my goddess, my family, my light. Singing in harmony 'creates a different space for us to exist in'. Human Spirit lives in song.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops
AM: -----
Breakfast: ----
Lunch: 2 bites mango; 1 x tomato; 1 x carrot cut in rounds; 1/4 tiny avocado; 2 x sun burger; 4 x nori snacks; 2 x broccoli flax crackers; 4 dates; small handful walnuts
Dinner: 2 x sun burger; 4 x nori snacks; 16 oz veggie juice
Snack: 24 oz veggie juice

What was Walker about today?
Veggie Veggie Veggie Juice!

What did I discover today?
  • Much of my trip I ate raw dehydrated foods, heavy fat. Even though I was conscious of keeping the meals small and drinking tons of water, today the effects hit hard and I slept most of the day to recover.
  • While away, the yearning for fresh greens was almost unbearable. My desire for veggie juice made me feel like a junkie without her fix.
  • How Cool is THAT? In years gone by, my cravings would be totally absent of virtue --- pizza, candy bars, ice cream.
  • Guess my body is Now accustomed to its fresh food diet.
  • I LOVE what I craved! What validation that I'm on the right track.
  • Before Raw and even now, when I crave junk food, it's either: 1) Emotional Escapism 2) Pooping needs to happen 3) Sleep is way overdue.

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