Day 2 & 3 ----> Becoming Younger

Monday March 23rd
The Scene:
Monday morning - hit the snooze twice - didn't make any food for the work day.
At the office I have lots of packaged raw food options.

Here's what happened:
Upon Rising - 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes; 32 oz water
AM - 16 oz fresh squeezed OJ
Breakfast - Lemon Fig Pecan Bars (Fig Newton) ; 30 chlorella nuts
Lunch - 1 x bag cheesy kale chips & 1 x contrast vanilla cookie
Snack - 16 oz OJ & 30 chlorella nuts (waited 1 hour)
Dinner - mixed greens w/ tomato, cauliflower, and pesto dressing; flax cracker & last lemon fig pecan bar from breakfast.

*1 day a week I work at The Raw Food World. So many of the links I provide are for you to have access to the products I sometimes eat, if you so choose.

What was Walker about today?

: Dr. Walker always wrote about the importance of enzymes. I believe that if he had lived to know about quality Enzymes supplementation, he would have condoned it. Dr. Fred Bisci (in photo) does, and he is my 2nd main source of raw wisdom.
OJ: Walker suggests a glass of OJ in the morning for bones and connective tissue. I'm not sure if he meant 8 oz or typical glass size. I choose the later - yummmmm! If you get dizzy or feel funny - perhaps entertain the idea of a smaller glass.
Breakfast: was a small meal, which is Walker. He suggests a handful of nuts with a handful of dried fruit, and veggie juice, which in my case was the chlorella nuts.
Lunch: I focused on a small dense portion. I felt energized and full for hours on this meal.
Snack: Norman often suggests veggie juice as a snack. Not feeling motivated to juice, I had the next best thing I could think of. OJ with a heap of green stuff.
Dinner: The salad was small. A bit too much fat compared to his recipes, but I felt great!

What did I discover today?
  • The Lemon Fig Bar for lunch left me feeling spaced out - like a fermented food combination - perhaps it wasn't small enough.
  • OJ is only workable for me on a totally empty tummy. Even though it was 3 hours since lunch, I don't think I was completely digested yet. Gave me a bit of discomfort.

Tuesday March 24th

Upon Rising - 1 tsp therapeutic enzymes; 32 oz water
AM - 16 oz fresh squeezed OJ
Breakfast - 1 x Cherimoya (see photo)
Lunch - 1 C of salad: marinated cauliflower, tomato, green onion; dressing: brewers yeast, nama shoyu, olive oil, apple cider vinegar; flax cracker w/ coconut oil and black salt
Snack -none
Dinner -1 C salad: greens, tomato, 1/5th avocado, 1/4 carrot, 2 T sauerkraut, 1 T white onion; a little dressing; flax cracker with coconut oil and black salt; 1 x contrast vanilla cookie.
PM - 1 pint veggie juice: carrot; fennel; apple; romaine; celery

What was Walker about today?
Breakfast: mono meal of just one kind of fruit
Lunch and Dinner: the portions were small and dense
PM: veggie juice, of course - the way to get the most amount of quality nourishment to the body for regeneration (aka - "becoming younger") - Norman Walker usually recommends no less than 1 pint (16 oz) per day.

What did I discover today?
  • Chives and green onions are good, but the white and purple onions give me gas.
  • The apple really did NOT work (yuck) in the juice - not sure what it mashed with, perhaps the fennel.

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