Day 1 ----> Becoming Younger

Joshua is my sweetheart. He is the reason this blog exists.
Thank you baby - you are my Hero

Joshua does whatever he can to ensure that I am the Happiest Woman I can be. To that end, we have identified some huge leaks in my boat, so to speak.

There is no doubt that the two main sources of energy SUCKage in my life are:
1. my Eating and
2. my TV/Movie consumption.

This blog is designed to address SUCKage #1: FOOD INTAKE

I have been Raw over 5 years now.
You might think that being 100% raw is the Ultimate goal -- mountaintop reached.
Yet, that has not been my experience. While I'm out of the red flag zone for being 6 feet under, I have yet to experience, what I would call, lasting vitality and health on my 100% raw food diet.

Just as there are myriads of menus for a SAD diet, vegetarian, vegan, etc. - there are also many food choices available as a raw foodist - rarely is one person's diet exactly the same as another.

The only times I feel really great are when following Dr. Norman Walker's food plan, as outlined in his book "Diet and Salad". But so far, I haven't been able keep it up - I fall of the wagon with rawkies (cookies), kale chips, nuts, whatever.

It is my intention to have this blog serve as a tool of accountability for my daily foods and to press on for the sake of those I may be inspiring. I also dedicate this blog to my future children (3-5 years from now) -- may I be the best mama I can be for you!

So Walking the Walker begins

Sunday March 22nd
Upon rising - 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes; 32 oz water
AM - 16 oz OJ
Breakfast - 1/2 pint blueberries; 2 strawberries
Lunch - pesto with zucchini pasta
Dinner - 3 tangerines; 30 minutes later a handful of mac nuts
PM - handful of chlorella tablets (in lieu of veggie juice)


  1. What kind of therapeutic enzymes do you take?

  2. Thanks for your question! I take Fred Bisci's Therapeutic Enzymes. Later on in the postings I have LINKS attached to many of the products or foods I intake. You can click on the word and it will take you to a website that tells you more about it and gives you an opportunity to buy it for yourself if you want.

  3. Water is certainly a must!! I live in a dessert community east of Jerusalem in the LAND of Israel and since our climate is arid most of the year, water is imperative. However, it's easy to forget in the Winter time when we do get a little rain now and then. And, when it rains it really storms, so floods happen. Many people forget to drink enough in the Winter. In summer, it's easy to remember, as temps can soar up to around 115 F. and it gets mighty hot, although quite dry. We MUST have water with us at all times.
    Chana Rachel Mark

  4. I really appreciate your confident candor. Well said! Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. Here I am almost a year later :^). Can you talk a little bit about why you take therapeutic enzymes when being raw you get more enzymes than most anyway? Thanks so much. In transition right now to the raw diet and am reading, reading, reading.