Day 8&9 ---> Becoming Younger

Sunday March 29th
The scene: Day 8 is definitely craving day - eeek! It's been long enough with a new regime that now my body is going into deeper detox. Usually Day 3 and Day 8 are toughies.

Upon Rising:
1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes; 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops Breakfast: 2 tangerines; 1 date; 1 mini cherimoya
2 sm. zucchini spiralized; 1/4 C marinara sauce; 1/2 piece flax onion bread
Snack: small apple, skinned
1 C broccoli w/ 2 T tahini hemp dressing; flax cracker w/ black salt and coconut oil; 1 small date
PM: small apple, skinned

What was Walker about today?
  • To be honest, I did an enema tonight. Walker suggests colon cleansing whenever one is feeling unexplainable hunger, headaches, insomnia, constipation, pretty much any sign of detox that is annoying or uncomfortable. "Better out than in!"
  • Had 2 snacks today because the pull of my cravings was so strong. I kept them small, though. I skin the apples to give the body less work to do. I get enough fiber.

What did I discover today?
  • I'm eating too much salt I think. My lips are feeling chapped. I've been on a flax cracker/salt/coco oil kick lately.
Monday March 30th
The scene: It's workday at the warehouse --- lots of raw food options. Forgot to set alarm clock.

Here's what happened:
AM: 32 oz water w/ pH drops
Breakfast: 3/4 container of lemon fig bars
Lunch: 1 bag cheesy kale chips; 1 contrast vanilla cookie
Dinner: flax cracker w/ black salt and coconut oil; 1/2 C tomato bisque; 1/4 bag pesto kale chips

What was Walker about today?
  • Small meals
  • No snacks

What did I discover today?
  • Oh my goddess gas-y! Not a great food day for me. I knew going into the work day with no fresh food and a warehouse of "raw junk" that I would be in trouble.
  • Why do we repeatedly do things that work against us? My theory is that we always, without exception, do the best we can in the moment - we make the best choice within our reach. But because of stress, ignorance, and unforeseen whatevers, we are not always able to make the choice we know would be IDEAL.
  • I am not excusing it, yet I am not punishing myself either. "Little value comes out of the belief that people will respond progressively better by treating them progressively worse." Writer, Eric Harvey
  • After all, "A man's errors are his portals of discovery." Irish Novelist, James Joyce

Since we are experiencing a quote frenzy, I won't be the party pooper who stops it! The day after I started Walking Walker and writing this blog, I was emailed the quote below. I took it as confirmation and encouragement to keep going. Next year, I won't have to read this quote and wish-i-woulda.

"A year from now you will wish you had started today." Community Activist, Karen Lamb

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  1. Hi Michelle
    I am new to raw food just stepped in,i am really loving this transformation i have finally made.u know we live in such a artifical world thinking how perfect things are but they are not.can u please also give some recipes as i am trying to figure out it will really help me.