Day 101&102 ----> Becoming Younger

Tuesday September 1st
The scene:
Sexy dance yoga. I feel connected to the earth and my sensual self after this routine. Raw World workday. Been driving to work with Zachary, rather than biking, because temperatures in Ojai have exceeded 100 degrees for the last week. Dipped in neighbors pool after work for a refreshing and well-deserved cool down.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ; 7 drops Marine Phytoplankton; 1 tsp bee pollen
Breakfast: 1 x apple
Lunch: 2 C heaven on earth salad; 1 x japanese power wrap; 3 x peruvian olives; 1/2 pickle; 1 date
Dinner: 1.5 C tomato bisque from Ani Phyo (oil cut in half); onion bread from Cafe Gratitude chefing book; 1/4th pickle; 3 x peruvian olives; 1/2 raw cranberry crunch bar

What was Walker about today?
  • One of my honey's favorite foods is pickles, the others are olives and my tomato bisque. So this shows up a lot in my diet lately.
  • No snacks which works delightfully for me and my energy!
  • Drank water right after dinner and felt totally bloated (thirsty after onion bread). Had to follow w/ enzymes and some noni fire from Elements for Life - a pinch of cayenne in bit of liquid works too.
What did I discover today?

Q: "I love what you share. I know this could not be from your direct experience, but my sister is getting divorced after 33 years of marriage. I am at 18 years, and we are working things out well. But my question is, over decades we develop and change, from eating to desire to explore/travel. What have you learned from talking to others about keeping relationships vibrant?"

A: I so Respect this question because it speaks of Hope and Desire for being forever in love, while at the same time supporting each others' differences.
"In love" is a state of happy grace that comes at different times in a relationship...well, in TV and movies it's usually there ALL the Time, no matter what (pained grin). My research has shown that "in love" can be consciously achieved or at the very least encouraged and increased at every stage of relationship.

  • Authentic Interest and Curiosity in what the other is doing. Make what is important to them, important to you...AUTHENTICALLY. Do some research, impress them by asking an educated question. Then listen (without interrupting if you are talking to a man) to the answer. You might be surprised at what is revealed. If your partner is not asking you about your passions, be proactive and say, "Honey, there's something really important to me I'd love to share with you. Is now a good time for you to listen for 10-15 minutes?"
  • Make Love frequently, even when you might not "feel like it" --- because of what it Ultimately Provides for the relationship. If you need some inspiration, ask your partner, "Sweetheart, what does love making provide for you?" and listen silently and generously to the answer. You might be surprised how much you want to give after that!
  • Grow together. Find something you mutually enjoy, especially if it's in the personal growth arena. PAX programs offers co-ed courses, including a getaway for couples.
  • Expand your knowledge about relationships (asking the question you did was a great start!). Men respond to how a woman is being, and vice versa. It's amazing the shifts that can happen in a relationship when even just one person changes. Let's not kid ourselves -- We were not factory installed with this knowledge, and 'Love ain't all we need'. A few of my favorite authors include: Alison Armstrong, Deborah Tannen, David Deida, John Gray and Laura Doyle, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Byron Katie.
  • Heal past injuries. When we try and feel open and loving on top of pain, the end result is usually gross. An amazing amount of energy is freed up after a healing conversation. For deep wounds, you may benefit from professional mediation counseling.
A Healing Conversation:
There are different approaches to a healing's important that no one feels attacked during the process. One method I have found incredibly effective is coming from the perspective that no matter what happened, we are each 50% responsible for the outcome:
  1. Ask for a time to talk.
  2. Briefly describe a topic of hurt.
  3. Tell your partner how YOU (not them) were responsible for that hurt happening.
  4. Ask if he/she sees any other part you were responsible for.
  5. Your partner then tells how they was responsible for that hurt happening.
  6. He/she asks if you see any other part they were responsible for.
  7. Authentically apologize for your parts in causing the hurt.
Alternative #1: Do the process on paper, imaging what you and the other person might say. Healing without ever saying a word --- delightful!
**Alternative #2: Do a similar healing process with the person who hurt you OR a friend/proxy, rather than the person who caused the hurt. Describe to your friend how you were hurt and have your friend apologize, using similar wording.
You say: I felt neglected and unimportant when Michael forgot about our date because he was working late on a project.
Your friend says: I am so sorry Michael made you feel neglected and unimportant when he forgot about your date.

**Remember that we are almost ALWAYS 50/50 responsible and therefore empowered to influence a different outcome next time. Alternative #2 is very generous in that the other person pretty much just has to "eat it" and apologize without us claiming any part --- which is valid and necessary sometimes for healing to happen.

Ah! Feel the deep breathing return and the love being released from its imprisonment!

Wednesday September 2nd
The scene: Day at home. Organizing my universe of papers and emails, went for a swim, chefed - superfood green flax crackers, nori snacks, fermented hot sauce and cookie dough. Planning to go away for a long weekend and need to begin creating our rations for being out in the big bad non-raw world.

Upon Rising: 32 oz water w/ alkalizing pH drops; 1/2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 24 oz watermelon juice mixed with 8 oz OJ; 6 drops Marine Phytoplankton; 1 digestive enzyme; 2 tsp lecithin; 1 tsp Merlin's Herbal Magic Root's Elixir -- all BLENDED! My 1st Elixir!!!
Breakfast: 3 x figs
Lunch: Creamy curry soup from Raw Foods for Busy People 2; romaine leaves for dipping; 8 x peruvian olives; handful sunflower sprouts; 2 dates, 7 mac nuts
Dinner: 1/2 C sunflower pate; 1/4 avocado; cut up veggies around the pate including summer squash, red pepper, tomato, celery, radish. 2 tsp chia cookie dough with the addition of red maca and lucuma

What was Walker about today?
  • Bet Walker would have LOVED the elixir. Truly a magical morning experience.
  • Dinner was a fatty hybrid of a Walker salad. I took the inspiration of a variety of veggies, avo and used pate instead of cottage cheese.
What did I discover today?
  • "Manana Manana" - heat sure brings out the siesta in this face is one constant pool of liquid glow. Not in a good way.
  • Watermelon Juice is one of the best drinks for this heat. Stay tuned for a video on goddaughter is coming home Thursday and we'll get to resume our videotainment for your edupleasure.
  • My mama is a *Miracle*! She is truly a charmed web-browser. After many frustrating hours searching for vegan shoes, I begged for her assistance. Within 10 minutes, mama came through. Here's the site. The unbelievable $ale on $110 vegan shoes is $19.95 Free Shipping. Ladies...(or Men who want to be shopping Heroes for their gals) Christmas has come a bit early - Yipee!!

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