Day 83&84 ----> Becoming Younger

Tuesday July 7th
The scene: Rode a train back from visiting my friend in upper Illinois. Attended a unique Live concert at a gorgeous church downtown. The music was improvisational church organ and saxophone duet. Wowie! Rocked me to my core...

Upon Rising: 48 oz water
AM: ---
Breakfast: 1/4 lb cherries, 1/2 nectarine, 1 apple (skinned - cause my teeth are a bit sensitive)
Lunch: Karyn's deep dish pizza; bit o' salad; a few sweet potato chips; sprouted wheatberry crackers dipped in olive oil garlic concoction; bites of mint carob and pecan cakes
Dinner: small bit of Karyn's deep dish pizza; larger bowl o' salad; sprouted wheatberry crackers dipped in olive oil garlic concoction; bites of mint carob and pecan cakes

What was Walker about today?
Not a thing after breakfast

What did I discover today?
  • I can always tell when I'm exhausted and ready to go home. Eating becomes all I want to do.
  • I've had to make my trips shorter and one year didn't come home for Christmas because I was afraid of being tempted off my Raw diet. Which for me, my addictive nature and my past health with my body could spiral into something deadly.
  • I'm gentle with myself and do what I need. This is the first trip I haven't been tempted at all with the cooked food I'm surrounded by here in the city and at my parent's home.
  • Here in the city, I'm amazed at how drawn I am to any sign of Natural Life. Flowers, trees, pooping pigeons all look like Shining Jewels to me in this concrete jungle and abyss of busyness.
  • What a pace! I know that there are people here and in the cities around the globe who are in heaven with Her dance. And while it feels like a violent jitterbug to me, I am happy for those who have partnered with the City in a sultry salsa or perhaps have found their reggae rhythm.
  • As long as we're dancing in a way that makes us feel good and alive...I think we're probably right where we need to be.

Monday July 13th
The scene: Whew! Fast forward quite a few days. Needed to re-inflate after my trip to Chicago --- usually always involves being absent from the computer for a few days. Worked at the Raw World today - mulberry picked - watched a friend's softball game - and then *CRASH*. My energy was depleted so much by the end of the day I just couldn't be myself. Like a bank account getting too many withdrawls - there was nothing left. Time to fill the tanks, but first I had to get out of the Red Zone. Screamed a bit in my car (feels great), sang loud to the radio and spent a bit of time outdoors. Ah! Human again ;)

Upon Rising: 48 oz water; 2 tsp therapeutic enzymes
AM: 16 oz OJ; 1 T klamath crystals
Breakfast: ---
Lunch: 1 banana; 1/2 bag kale chips; nibble of new raw cookie samples
Snack: few mulberries
Dinner: 2 x power wraps; 1 x onion bread; 2 C tomato bisque soup from Ani's Raw Kitchen - used 1/2 the oil the recipe calls for and my body was so grateful - next time I'll use even less. Tastes the same to me!

What was Walker about today?
  • Water
  • Enzymes - took a double dose this morning because I ate late last night and woke up feeling hung over (food is so powerful)
  • OJ
What did I discover today?
One of my favorite emails to get in the morning is from - stands for: Totally Unique Thoughts. Here is what I got today:
Notes From the Universe:
"Great big, ear-to-ear, open mouth smiles, Michelle, are responsible for far more sizzling romances, salary increases, life extensions, and calorie burning than your dentists, doctors, and financial planners will ever comprehend.

Show us your tonsils,
The Universe

Just be careful around flies, Michelle."

I Love the creativity and word play --- it opens my chakras and gives me a deep breathe of freedom and sunshine to start my day. Signing up to receive daily posts is Free. If you are drawn to check it out, I hope it makes your heart feel great and guides you closer to your dreams coming true!

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