Day 79&80 ----> Becoming Younger

Friday July 3rd
The scene:
Traveled up to our Cottage in Indiana. During childhood, I spent a lot of time in the country on horseback - and today had a hungered for reunion with my rolling hills of green. "Vrrooom Vrrrooom!" Later that day I rode on my dad's sweet Hog (motorcycle) to harvest sweet and tart cherries. I have pics, but will need to share after I get home.

Upon Rising: 24 oz Indiana country well water
AM: 16 oz water
AM: 8 oz water
AM: 16 oz water
Breakfast: Suck juice of 1 orange; 16 oz veggie juice
Lunch: CHERRieeees! My belly was like a bowl full of juicy sweetness :)
Dinner: Salad - 1/2 avo, almonds, 5 olives, organic mustard made w/ apple cider vinegar (Whole Foods Brand - one of the only raw mustards I've ever found - the others usually have acidic vinegars and sugar added), 2 cloves garlic, 3/4 tomato, zucchini strips, carrot chopped; Dressing
PM: handful soaked/dehydrated almonds

What was Walker about today?
  • I could not get enough water this morning (as you can see)! It tasted soo good! Wonder if the clean well water had some minerals my body was craving. At home I trade off between reverse-osmosis water and distilled. But a friend just recently pointed me to a source for deep well water near my home. Gonna try that when I return.
  • Veggie Juice - my darling parents juice 5 times a week and I LOVE when someone else (Mama) juices for me - what a treat!
What did I discover today?
  • Day 76 I wrote about my goal to be Self-Centered: always living with my center in myself. After that post, one of you gentle men wrote me an email, sharing that in your observation, I was more self-centered than I realized. Who would have thought that being "self-centered and full of myself" would be one of the highest compliments I could ever hope to receive! HA!
  • Cherry picking was of my absolute favorite things to do is harvest fresh fruit and veggies. While it was fabulous, I knew going in that the cherries weren't organic. However, the succulence called to me and I gave way. Later that day I broke out in itchy hives all across my skin, especially around my jaw line where the toxins penetrated under my tongue. The next day, I tried again as an experiment and I got hot flashes for 4 hours. Not having most of my "healing kit" with me, I took a hot bath with baking soda and sweat it out under the covers for a few hours.
  • Any doubts about Organic being the best route for me and my loved ones was dispelled in a hurry under the gentle but firm teachings from my body.

Saturday July 4th
The scene: Shucked (de-pitted) cherries with my papa in the kitchen for a good hour plus. It ended up becoming a speed competition and the cherry juice went flying! Mamasita got hit with a flying pit more than once. Good Golly do me and my folks Laugh! Tears rolling down my face multiple times this trip. Laughter is one of my main values in of the experiences I live for.

Upon Rising: 16 oz country well water
AM: 8 oz warm water w/ 1 lemon sqeezed in; 32 oz veggie juice
Breakfast: handful soaked/dehydrated almonds
Lunch: Bowl O' Salad - 1/2 avo, 5 olives, few almonds dipped in organic mustard, 3/4 tomato, carrot chopped; Dressing
Lunch #2 about 10 minutes later: 1.5 handful walnuts; 3 dates and small handful hunza raisins
Dinner: small bowl of cherries (which generated the hot flashes I wrote about above)

What was Walker about today?

  • Water w/ lemon - gosh I forget - Norman Walker said cold water w/ lemon flushes the kidneys and hot water w/ lemon ???... it could be reversed - does anyone know - would you please write it in the comment section below?
  • Veggie Juice
  • Handful of nuts after or with a nice big glass of veggie juice was often a Walker meal - keep it light and keep it filling means energy energy energy - no sluggish sluggyness
What did I discover today?
The woods and the country always put me in a contemplative space. Misty rain began to fall and I walked for a good 2 hours, barefoot, nostrils open enjoying the air and letting Mama Nature tell me her secrets and counsel my heart. I hear myself in the quiet of the woods. What a Mighty Melody we are.


  1. Sorry to hear about your cherry problem. Do you think in part it was because your body is so clean? Also, please tell us about your healing kit.

  2. I appreciate your condolences (grin).
    Yes, I've been 100% Raw 5 1/2 years now...I am experiencing higher degrees of contrast when "yuck" enters my body. For me, it's worth it and only serves to validate the path I'm on.
    My Healing Kit consists of: Green powders, enzymes, probiotics, different nameless salves (including one not so legal called 'black salve'), enema bag, tons of tinctures including olive leaf extract and super silver, bentonite clay, charcoal tablets, powdered seaweed minerals, aloe leaves and a call to my mother who collects books that list natural remedies for most ailments. I also call her when I have a clothing stain I just can't get out! Mamasita to the rescue :)